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13 Beautiful Wedding Cakes Decorated with Lavender

by Staff

Lavender is one of the most fragrant stars of summer. Typically blooming from mid-June through August, it’s a stunning, aromatic plant with thin green stems and vibrant purple blossoms. If you’re planning a late spring, summer, or even early fall wedding, lavender is a beautiful addition to bouquets, centerpieces, cocktails, and more. It’s also the ideal bloom to add to your wedding cake design.

Not only is lavender edible, but it will also add a lovely pop of color and interesting texture to any look. Whether you choose to add just a few sprigs or theme your cake around this plant entirely, it’s the perfect fit for multiple wedding aesthetics, from rustic or boho to elegant or vintage.

Ahead, find 13 beautiful lavender wedding cake ideas to inspire your own.

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