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13 Fun Things for Kids to Do at Weddings

by Staff

Choosing to invite children to your wedding is an important decision. For many couples with children, it makes perfect sense to include them in your wedding. For those without kids, you still don’t want to offend your friends and family who do have children. If you ultimately decided to invite little ones, keeping them entertained will make all the difference in ensuring things run smoothly.

“Just as kids might need entertainment waiting patiently at the airport or in line, it’s helpful to provide activities for them at a wedding to ensure they also have a great time,” says Aleah and Nick Valley, owners of Valley & Company Events. “Even if you only have one child present at your wedding, taking an extra step to ensure they feel welcomed and well taken care of will be appreciated by the kiddo as well as their parents.”

Meet the Expert

Aleah and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley & Company Events, a wedding and event planning, design, and floral company based in Seattle, Washington. 

Below, find 13 things for kids to do at weddings to consider as you’re mapping out all of the details for your big day.

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