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14 Beautiful Hydrangea Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception

by Staff

Planning the centerpieces for your wedding reception? Hydrangeas may be just the perfect fit! Hydrangeas are flowering plants that immediately give off a romantic, nostalgic look. According to Amanda Theodoropoulos, co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, incorporating hydrangeas into centerpieces may be the ideal flower for coastal or traditional weddings, or even for couples opting for a more simplistic aesthetic. The big blooms can be found in a wide variety of color options including white, purple, pink, green, and even blue.

Meet the Expert

Amanda Theodoropoulos is the co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, a mother-daughter owned flower company focused on garden-style design for weddings and events.

If you’re hoping to incorporate these stunning blossoms into your reception centerpieces, Theodoropoulos notes it’s important that they’re cared for and processed correctly. “Because they love water, proper care and processing are required for longevity. Hydrangeas do best directly in water, but if foam is necessary, place them in well-hydrated foam as close to the event as possible,” she says.

Hydrangeas can stand on their own in simple vase centerpieces, or they can be incorporated into beautiful arrangements with the addition of other flowers and greenery. “We find that using larger leaves pair well with the smaller petals of the hydrangea,” adds Theodoropoulos.

Below, find 14 hydrangea centerpiece ideas to consider for your own reception.

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