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20 of the Best Heartfelt Wedding Vows for Everyone

by Staff

During a wedding ceremony, the vows are the most important moment. It’s when two partners look into one another’s eyes and promise to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. While some couples follow a script guided by their religion or culture, others opt to write their own—these brides and grooms use their own words to speak from the heart and say exactly what they want to about their partners.

While writing your own wedding vows can be meaningful, it can also be challenging. You might feel pressure to get your words to sound perfect, or you just have no idea where to begin (how do you sum up so many feelings into one short statement?). The good news is: There are places from where you can draw inspiration including literature, poetry, and even movies. There are also general topics you can insert into your vows.

Read on to learn 20 ideas for your wedding vows.

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