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21 Alternative Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

by Staff

White dress, black tux, ’til death do us part, you know how it goes. But for some couples, the trappings of a traditional wedding feel too, well, traditional to truly represent them. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to celebrate a marriage—and now more than ever couples are embracing a non-traditional approach.

“These last two years have been so unpredictable that people are saying, ‘Let’s just do what makes us happy,'” says event planner Gabrielle Pinkerton. “That might mean breaking the mold and doing something completely different.”

Meet the Expert

Based in Nashville, Gabrielle Pinkerton is the founder and CEO of Cause We Can Events, a destination wedding planning outfit for adventurous couples. She specializes in non-traditional, festival-style weddings in remote locations. 

If you’re thinking about venturing down the non-traditional path, you’ve come to the right place. From brunch weddings at home to adventure elopements on remote mountaintops, these alternative wedding ideas are guaranteed to make your event feel memorable, unique, and, most importantly, just like you

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