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50 Songs to Play When the Groom Walks Down the Aisle

by Staff

Choosing the right song to accompany the groom’s walk down the aisle toward his bride is no easy feat. It requires careful consideration of genre, vibe, and of course the song’s artist and lyrics.

“Songs selected by our grooms are typically ones that make a strong emotional and personal connection to how he feels for his bride and what the bride means to him,” says Annie Singer, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Wedding Chapel Manager. “For example, Luke Combs’s ‘Beautiful Crazy’ would be an example of a country favorite; Babyface’s ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes’ is an example of an R&B favorite; and the contemporary ballad by Ed Sheeran, ‘What Would You Feel,’ would also appeal to some grooms. 

Singer has had some clients that will choose a song such as “Death of a Bachelor”—which always gets a good laugh from her guests. “We’ve also had grooms walk down to the Stars Wars theme song and dress the part with Storm Troopers as groomsmen, which makes for a fun wedding,” she says.

Whether you choose to be serious and emotional, a little silly, or strike a balance, here are 50 songs, perfect for the groom’s journey down the aisle.

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