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55 Songs for Your Wedding Do-Not-Play List

by Staff

You’ve meticulously planned out what to play for your processional, recessional, first dance, parent dances, and your final exit song, plus handed over a list of your favorite tunes to the DJ. But there’s one more music-related task to take care of: the wedding do-not-play list. To avoid unpleasant surprises during your reception, it’s best to curate a list of songs not to play at your wedding.

Believe it or not, many popular wedding songs actually have negative messages about love. Even if they’re staples that get guests singing and dancing along, they may actually be about breakups, infidelities, stalking, or desperation, or they could be overtly sexual in a way that may make some guests uncomfortable. It’s best to stick to songs that capture the happy occasion and avoid those that remind you of past (or potential) relationship troubles. Of course, songs that have sentimental meaning to you or are part of you and your partner’s love story are totally fine to include. Just use your guests to gauge your playlists along with the mood you want to set.

Here are 55 of the worst wedding songs that are ideal candidates for your do-not-play list.

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