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How to Hire a Social Content Creator for Your Wedding

by Staff

Not all that long ago, couples had to wait weeks before receiving that first batch of wedding photos to post on social media. Now, though, a new type of wedding professional—the social content creator—is emerging to fill the void, and they’ll produce and post content from your wedding in real-time and after the celebration. 

“We’re in a stage of society where instant gratification is at the forefront,” says wedding content creator Lauren Ladouceur. “If you’re someone who values sharing in real-time, then that’s what I do.”

Meet the Expert

Lauren Ladouceur is a wedding and event content creator and the founder of Plan With Laur. She is based in New York City.

For couples who want to be fully immersed in the moment but know they also want to share the love on TikTok and/or Instagram, this emerging service can be just what the doctor ordered. Read on for a detailed explanation of what a social content creator does at weddings, how much the service costs, and the key questions to ask when interviewing creators for your own nuptials. 

What is a Social Content Creator for Weddings?

An event or wedding content creator captures and edits photos and videos to be used primarily on Instagram and TikTok. (They can also be hired for proposals and bachelorette parties!) They know how to work the best angles, they know the trending audio and transitions, and they can also post to a bride or groom’s social media accounts in real-time, so it looks as though the person getting married is the one sharing content from their wedding as the day is happening. 

It’s also important to note what a social content creator is not, and that is a substitute for a professional wedding photographer and/or videographer. (You’ll still want them on hand to capture those album-worthy images and the longer-form video you’ll watch for years to come!)  “I’m an addition to the media team that is there on your wedding day,” explains Ladouceur. “Most of the couples that I work with work with a photographer and videographer as well.”

How Do I Find a Social Content Creator for My Wedding? 

If Google isn’t turning up satisfying results, head straight to the source: TikTok and Instagram! Start with the hashtags #weddingcontentcreator or #eventcontentcreator to get a feel for the available social content creators out there. (Many will travel!) From there, you can also try adding a location to the end of the hashtag (#weddingcontentcreatornyc, #eventcontentcreatorflorida) to seek out pros based closer to your desired destination. 

How Much Does a Social Content Creator Cost?

When budgeting for a social content creator for your wedding, it’s crucial to remember that their work extends before and after your wedding day. They’ll conduct pre-wedding meetings to assure they deliver content tailor-made for your tastes, they’ll be on the ground for several hours of coverage on the day of (Ladouceur has worked 18-hour days while documenting weddings), and they’ll also offer a super quick turnaround on additional photos and videos after the night ends—usually within 24 hours. Add in their experience and expertise with social media platforms, just as you would a florist’s experience and expertise with creating arrangements, and you’ll be looking at rates comparable to those of other wedding vendors—and likely $1,000 and up. “You’re paying for so much more than air-dropping photos,” adds Ladouceur, whose own packages begin at $1,795.

Questions to Ask a Content Creator Before Booking Them  

Make sure you come to your initial meeting prepared to discuss these details.

What is your content style? 

“Some photographers are flash photographers, while others are more editorial or romantic,” says Ladouceur. “It’s the same with content creators—everyone has their own style.” That means it’s important to know what kind of content you’re looking for going into your meeting. Do you prefer TikTok or Instagram? Do you love cheeky transitions, or are you more interested in highlight reels paired with native audio or trending songs? If you know what you want, it’ll be much easier to see whether or not you and the content creator are a good match.

Can I see samples of your work? 

Like any wedding professional, a content creator should have a portfolio of work. Since they’re most often posting on another person’s account, that may mean you’ll have to look beyond their own social media pages for the types of examples you’re looking for, so be sure to ask for links.

What equipment do you use? 

“I show up with a big bag of multiple phones, chargers, gimbals, lights, and tripods—it’s a full production,” says Ladouceur. “You never know what you’ll be faced with, so you’ve got to be ready for it all.”

What will pre-planning look like?

Ladouceur conducts multiple planning meetings with her clients ahead of their wedding, in which she garners details about their love story as well notes on music preferences, inside jokes, favorite fonts—anything that will make the content she creates for the couple feel authentic. “By the time we get to your wedding day, I’m going to know what songs you love, what colors you love, and what’s special to your relationship, so it will look like you are the one posting in real-time,” she says. 

Whether it’s for privacy or personal reasons, Ladouceur is also sure to ask if there are any aspects of or guests at the wedding she should avoid documenting. (Because sometimes what you don’t show is just as important as what you do!) 

What content will I receive and when will I receive it? 

This will depend on the package you book with your content creator. A basic package might just net you photos and videos delivered via AirDrop or text, while a higher-level package may see your content creator posting in real-time on your own personal Instagram and TikTok accounts. They may also draft TikTok or Instagram posts for you to publish at your own discretion, and then, as soon as 24 hours later, send along an edited cull of additional photos and videos prepped and ready for your social channels. “In most cases, you’re not getting your wedding photo or videos for anywhere between four and 12 weeks,” says Ladouceur. After all the months you put into planning, isn’t it nice to know you’ll have something so much sooner?

Do you count against my photographer’s non-compete? 

Some higher-end photographers and videographers may have a clause in their contract stipulating that coverage of a similar type conducted by someone outside of their team is not permitted. (This is most often included so that nothing interferes with their team’s work.) For the most part, social content creators are considered a separate type of coverage, so this shouldn’t be an issue. “I’m not there to compete,” says Ladouceur. “I’d never step in front of a photographer or videographer.” That said, it’s worth double-checking with your photographer—and then connecting your photographer and content creator so they can prepare to work together.

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