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How to Incorporate Citrus into Your Wedding Day

by Staff

One of the most delightful parts of planning a wedding is picking out all the visual elements, like décor (from fresh flowers and lush greenery to moody lighting, patterned linens, and pops of color), stationary, and the menu. And speaking of pops of color, we love to see couples use fresh citrus at their weddings. These colorful fragrant fruits can freshen up a space by simply existing. On top of that, citrus can be an affordable way to brighten up your space—and a little goes a long way.

From bowls of fresh lemons on your reception tables to using illustrations of citrus slices in your wedding invitation suite, these simple, bright fruits add a touch of cheer wherever they end up throughout your celebration.

If you’re looking for ways to use citrus in your wedding décor, cocktails, or staionary check out these ideas for inspiration from Brides’ Real Weddings.

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