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Legal Requirements and Documents Needed to Get Remarried

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If this isn’t your first trip down the aisle, you may be wondering how to get remarried. Legally that is. While the ceremony and reception may not differ much whether this is your first, second, or any number of times around; the legal formalities do become a bit more complex. Just as with the first nuptials, getting remarried is going to necessitate a visit to the county clerk for your marriage certificate. Remarriage, however, is a little more involved when it comes to paperwork and documents.

Have no fear, we’ve gathered all of the necessary information and provided a quick guide for you to follow so you’ll know what to expect.

Application Process

For any marriage, both parties need to be present at the time of application. You’ll both need the following:

• Government-issued photo I.D. (usually a valid driver’s license or passport).
• Information regarding your parents, including birth dates, birth names, birth places, and dates of passing, if applicable.

Note: No actual proof of these items regarding your parents is needed, but it still needs to be accurate. Any mistakes on a marriage license application could render the application invalid.

Additional documents are required in the case of a remarriage. Read on to learn about the additional items you’ll need if you’re getting remarried after a divorce or the death of a spouse.

Remarriage After Divorce

Do you need divorce papers to remarry? Yes. Or, if you represented yourself, you can obtain it yourself from the court. Be prepared to provide the exact date of your divorce, as well as the state or country where the divorce was decreed, the exact grounds for divorce, and whether your former partner is still alive. It sounds morbid, but in order to ensure your union is a legal one, your local government will need to be absolutely sure that you’re no longer married to your former partner. Once that’s done, you’re all set to get remarried.

You’ll need to present your divorce decree or certificate of dissolution from your previous marriage. If you no longer have a copy, your lawyer can order you another one.

Remarriage After the Death of a Spouse

If you’re a widow or widower, you’ll need to present your former spouse’s death certificate to prove they’re no longer living.


  • The laws for remarriage after a divorce will vary by state. It could be just a few days, or a month, but you shouldn’t expect to get remarried the very next day.

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