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The 16 Best Groomsmen Cards To Express Your Appreciation

by Staff

Stationary is a core component of all wedding planning. The must-have classics include save the dates, formal invitations and thank you notes. In recent years, however, wedding stationary has expanded to also include bridesmaid and groomsmen proposals. 

Whether you’re asking your friend to be in your wedding or thanking them for being a part of the big day, a handwritten note goes a long way. Sure, asking someone to be your groomsmen can be sent via text, but taking the extra step of physically writing it out conveys more thought and care. “We live in this world of texting and emailing, so you stop and appreciate a handwritten letter when you get one,” says Chris Easter, president, and co-founder of The Man Registry. Easter says that many brides and grooms give gifts to their wedding party—adding a personalized note can take it to the next level.

Finding the right stationery for the job can be a challenge. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best notes that your groomsmen are sure to appreciate, whether it’s a groomsmen proposal or a simple “thank you” to express your appreciation for their friendship.

Read on for the best groomsmen cards.

Mrs. Case’s Shop Will You Be My Groomsman Card

For a cheeky groomsman proposal, this card does the trick. The modern text on the front can be customized with your wedding date, and the inside is straight to the point: “Will you be my groomsman?” Printed on thick card stock, each card comes with a color customizable envelope and can be personalized for a groomsman, best man, or even a ring bearer.

H.macdo Paper Co. Boxed Set

If you have a large number of groomsmen to thank, this boxed set will help. Designed with a beautiful tuxedo jacket graphic on the front and a simple “Thank you,” these cards are perfect for the low-key groom who wants a little splash of character. The foldable notes are made of eco-friendly 80-pound textured felt card stock. The interior is blank, leaving room for the groom to speak his mind.

Wedding Thank You Card by Amy Kross

For a groom looking for a classy thank-you note, this option fits the bill. The top features a crisp “Thank you” and can be customized with your name or the name of both you and your spouse. The font color matches the elegant, solid border, and you can choose between eight different color themes.

Estrella CS Groomsmen Proposal Scratch Off

This interactive scratch-off invite will make your potential groomsman feel like he won the lottery. The single-page cards can be customized with each friend’s name, with the scratch-off itself available in either silver or gold. The scratch-off reveals the proposal, making this a fun way to ask someone to be your groomsman. The card also comes with envelopes, which you can choose from a variety of colors.

Patterson Paper Thank You Groomsmen Card

This thank you note adds a little flair to a a bold black and white design. The front says it loud and clear: “Thank you for being my groomsman,” while the subtle bow-tie motif makes it feel more playful. A blank inside allows the groom can express their gratitude.

Police Citation Groomsman Proposal

For a groom who loves pranks, look no further than this groomsman proposal. Presented as a police citation, this rectangular slip will guarantee a chuckle from your buddies. Each line is customizable to include name, position, relationship, ceremony date, and location. The letter is even outfitted with a red “urgent” stamp in the top left. Even though the note is a joke, quality isn’t sacrificed. The seller offers a variety of thick paper in neutral colors.

Papier From the New Mr. & Mrs.

These notes are great for couples who want to jointly thank their groomsmen. The single-faced cards are printed on thick paper, with “From the New Mr. and Mrs. X” in black ink displayed at the top. A great dual-purpose option, the notes can be used to specifically send to groomsmen, but are also great general thank you notes for the wedding and beyond.

Little Things Workshop Groomsmen Thank You Cards

For the casual groom, this thank you note will convey the right vibe. The front says, “Thanks a lot, man,” and is complete a bow tie graphic. Blank on the inside, this handmade option can be bought individually or in sets. Make your buddy feel special with a thoughtful, lighthearted sentiment.

Valerie Designs Vintage Help Wanted Ad Invitation

Disguised as a “Help Wanted” ad, this groomsmen proposal is both fun and creative. A single-faced card, this option is ideal for grooms who need the talking done for them—there’s little room left on the page for a written message. The notes are offered in a variety of colors and paper thicknesses, with vintage lettering and insignias.

Offered in multiple sizes and complete with envelopes, these read, “Help wanted. Must like food, beer, and parties. Cake is most likely included! Will you be my groomsman?” You can also input the wedding date at the bottom.

Modern Pink Paper Store Junior Groomsman Proposal Card

If you have younger family members or friends, asking them to be junior groomsmen is a sweet gesture.This note is specifically designed for this occasion, with “Will you be my junior groomsmen,” printed in script lettering on the front. The inside is left blank for grooms to write a note, and the envelopes can be customized in a plethora of colors. All cards are printed on premium, thick card stock.

Abbey Ratcliff Groomsmen Proposal Letterpress

Perfect for the minimalist groom, this card is classic and direct. Handmade from 110-pound cotton paper, the note simply reads “Groomsman.” The text is letterpressed blindly, or without color, creating a clean design. The inside is completely blank, leaving plenty of room for the groom to write a special note. Envelopes are also available upon purchase.

Coco Press Wedding Thank You Card

Another straightforward option, this note kicks off with a direct, “Thanks man,” on the front. The inside is wide open, leaving plenty of space for the groom to share his gratitude. Offered in three different sizes and two different thicknesses, this note is great for a groom looking for low-key stationery with room for personalization.

The Card Zoo Groomswoman Card

There’s no rule that says you have to have a specific gender as your grooms person! For a “groomswoman proposal”, customize this card with your friend’s name, and let the rest of the card do the work. Reading, “Will you be my groomswoman,” the note is manually printed by the seller, ensuring accuracy and quality. They also allow for custom text on the inside or a blank space for a handwritten message.

Orange Umbrella Co. Thank You from the Bride To Be

Whether the bride is close to the groomsmen or just wants to show her appreciation, these notes can help. Perfect for opening on the wedding day, the letter reads, “Thank you from the bride to be,” on the front. The bride can expound upon the sentiment on the inside, which offers a large blank area.

The Ivory Shoppe Proposal Cards

A one-stop-shop, this seller offers proposal cards for everyone involved. If the groom needs groomsmen, a best man, or a best woman, there’s a card for it. With bold, black text on the front, this simple design will appeal to any groom who wants to share his thoughts with his own words. Each note includes a white envelope and is printed on 110-pound smooth, white cardstock.

Shore Thing Stationary Wedding Day Card

This stationery is ideal for a groom who wants to pass out letters on his wedding day. Following the trend of simplicity, the front says, “To my groomsman on my wedding day,” with a blank interior. The seller handmakes these letters on 110-pound cardstock, guaranteeing a quality experience. These notes come with accompanying envelopes, which are available in a variety of colors, allowing for the groom to match the envelope with his wedding colors.

What to look for in a groomsmen card


Grooms should put thought into these cards, and that should be reflected in the materials used, “You don’t want to use just the paper you’ve got laying around the house,” says Easter. “How often are you going to sit down and write a letter? You should make it count.“ He advises using a heavier card stock and to go with use off-white or cream paper (instead of bright colors) for a classy look.

Easter says grooms shouldn’t skimp on the pen, either. “If I go through my drawer at home, I’ve got a bunch of cheap pens that’ll get the job done for writing out a shopping list or something utilitarian, but it’s not going to scream ‘Hey, thanks for being a part of the biggest day of my life,’” Easter says. 


  • Participating in a wedding takes time and effort, so sending a note along the way says a lot. Easter recommends giving a groomsmen proposal, day of note, or thank you note. Those guys “are traveling, they’re putting in a lot of time, money, and stress to be a part of this,” Easter notes. “A gift is nice, but really what seals the deal, in my opinion, is a handwritten letter…it’s totally appropriate and really necessary.”

  • Regardless of the letter’s purpose, it should be “heartfelt and meaningful,” Easter says. In a proposal note, you could talk about some of your fond memories with that person and thank them for the presence they’ve had in your life. If it’s a thank you note, Easter emphasizes that you’re not only thanking them for standing next to you on the big day but for also being there throughout your friendship. 

    “It’s the opportunity to say stuff that is never really gonna kind of come up in normal conversation,” Easter says. “You don’t get the opportunity too often to say, ‘Hey, thank you for always being there for me.’”

  • If it’s a groomsman proposal note, Easter recommends giving them at least nine months in advance, so the guys have time to save money and prepare. For a thank you note, Easter says a good time is during the getting ready process on the big day. Or, if you’d prefer them to read the note alone, you can always send it after the fact. 

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Chris Easter is the president and co-founder of The Man Registry, a wedding planning site focused on groom and groomsmen gifts. 

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