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The 17 Best Affordable Wedding Invitations for Couples on a Budget

by Staff

Selecting wedding invites comes with a lot of pressure points. One: The cost of paper goods racks up—and fast. Especially when you realize you need an RSVP card and envelopes and that the silk ribbons to tie invitation suite together are going to hike up the price. Two: Wedding invites set the tone for the big day, letting guests know what to expect not just logistically, but aesthetically.

That said, finding a suite that’s both budget-friendly and eye-catching can feel like a contradiction. Thankfully, we did the leg work for you. From paperless invites to semi-custom options, there’s a little bit of everything in our list—and all the prices start at less than $2 per invite, depending on how many guests you’re inviting.

Just keep in mind—these are invites without all the bells and whistles (you may need to splurge a bit more if you want to add some extras). But a smaller suite can also help extend your money, advises wedding planner Maureen Renée. “A fewer amount of pieces in the suite in turn requires less outer postage to mail,” she says.”You’ll save crucial dollars in the budget.”

Meet the Expert

Maureen Renée has been a luxury wedding planner for over a decade. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Maureen Renée Events in St. Louis, Missouri.

Read on for the best affordable wedding invitations.

When it comes to paper goods, nothing beats a good illustration. This misty, watercolor portrait of the mountains immediately evokes that magical feel of a rustic wedding in nature. This invite is “all-in-one,” meaning it unfolds to reveal both an invitation and an perforated RSVP card.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Shutterfly Big Letters Wedding Invitation

For a bold, modern statement, go for this graphic wedding invitation—it’s perfect for a minimalist wedding. Big letters and contrasting typography evokes the designs found in high end fashion and design magazines. It definitely sets the tone for a chic, urban event.

Price at time of publish: $1+


This dreamy invite is just the excuse you need to show off your favorite photo. Faded into the background, the image doesn’t detract from the important details that are overlayed on top. A delicate script, paired with serif font, gives guests all the information they need to know. Choose from satin or semi-gloss paper for the finish.

Price at time of publish: $1+

Minted Little Party Big Love Wedding Invitations

Fun and colorful, this folded invitation card has a lot to say. It comes in eight color themes, from Palm—a deep green and bubblegum pink fitting for a retro Palm Springs wedding—to Lagoon, a two-toned blue theme that’s would be ideal for a summer seaside event.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Paperless Post Split Square Wedding Invitation

If snail mail isn’t your thing, digital invites may be the answer. Keep things simple, affordable, and eco-friendly by sending all your correspondence out via email. This one pairs one of your favorite engagement photos with all the essential details. You can personalize the text and import your guest list. Best of all? It’s free to send out invites for up to 50 recipients.

Price at time of publish: Free+

Phrosne Ras Design Geometric White Gold Gatsby Wedding Invite

This one is for the Art Deco-loving couple in search of a bit of glitz and glam. Faux gold geometric patterns adorn the top and bottom for a 1920s vibe, promising a roaring reception. Select either portrait or landscape orientation and add a personal photo at no extra charge.

Price at time of publish: $1+

Paper Culture Dancing Typography Wedding Invitations

Equal parts traditional and contemporary, this invitation design infuses classic text with a modern layout and color palette. “To have and to hold” dances in the background—flip the card around, and you’ll see your initials boldly printed in the same font and color way. Bonus: The paper is made of recycled materials, so you’ll feel good about sending these out.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Zola Staton Invitation

We love Zola’s Staton invite for any creative wedding ceremony and reception—especially if it’s being held in an art gallery or museum. Featuring striking brush strokes in five different and color schemes that range from from Emerald Forest green to rich Merlot, these expressive cards are pretty enough to frame.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Yours Truly Forever Classical Wedding Invitation

Can’t choose just one photo of the two of you for your wedding invite? Why not have three! Stacked on top of each other and right-aligned on the card, the trio of photos evokes and an old-school photo booth strip. Choose a deep, grounding blue or select from dozens of other options using the custom color palette tool.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Paperless Post Stars and Constellations Tall Wedding Invitations

There’s always something romantic and hopeful about a starry night sky—especially when it’s paired with a whimsical heart and arrow illustration. This digital invite comes with an online tracking system that makes it easy to keep your guest list organized and communication clear. And you can’t beat the price—it’s free for up to 50 recipients.

Price at time of publish: Free+

Paper Culture Beautiful Moment Wedding Invitations

This minimalist wedding invite features a photo front and center, framed by text conveying all the necessary details. Flip to the back, and there are more spaces for photos and extra details. You can customize it to your heart’s desire—there are over 30 color options and dozen different fonts to choose from.

Price at time of publish: $1+

Zola Beaulieu Invitation

Loose calligraphy is the star of this invite—we love how it plays with the typography to create an elegant, yet laid back, aesthetic. It’s available in four different color themes, from light eggshell to stormy teal. The best thing about a clean and quiet invitation is that it works for every type of wedding, whether it’s a destination villa in Italy or a botanical garden.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Paperless Post Chalcedony Invitation

If you’re planning a tropical destination wedding, we’ve got the perfect wedding invite for you. Destination weddings aren’t always cheap, so use the opportunity to put more back in your budget by sending a paperless invite: Customize all the elements of this turquoise watercolor invite, which evokes dreamy days by the sea.

Price at time of publish: Free+

Phrosne Ras Design Elegant Green Wreath Bronze Wedding Invite

Foil is a beautiful accent to any wedding invite, but it usually makes them a bit more expensive. If you’re on a budget, look for details that cleverly mimic foil instead. The bronze wreath design here does just that. Set against a decadent evergreen hue, this one is perfect for a winter wedding.

Price at time of publish:

Minted Pampas & Palms Wedding Invitations

If you’re going with a boho wedding theme, we’ve got you covered with this invite featuring illustrations of palm leaves and pampas grass. There are five different colors to choose from, but they all maintain a muted hue—think soft ash or sienna rose. This invite is in an all-in-one format, so it comes with an attached RSVP card.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Paper Culture Madison Avenue Wedding Invitations

City weddings have a special place in our hearts. For those tying the knot in the Big Apple, how can you say no to this chic illustration of Madison Avenue? Complete with taxi cabs and skyscrapers, it’s the perfect ode to NYC.

Price at time of publish: $2+

Minted Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wedding Invitations

Outdoor weddings call for invitations with lush greenery, florals, or a combination of the two. This one opts for the former, with watercolor silver dollar eucalyptus illustrations sprucing up the corners. Whether you’re celebrating in your parents’ backyard or in the garden of an estate, it will fit all your needs.

Price at time of publish: $2+

What To Look for in Affordable Wedding Invitations

First identify the must-have pieces for your invitation suite, advises Renée. That includes the ceremony invitation, the reception card if the party isn’t in the same place as the ceremony, a details area to indicate the wedding website (this can sometimes be included on the invitation itself), and a way for guests to RSVP to the event. If your budget is tight, she adds, an online RSVP can save on postage and additional envelopes and cards—just be sure to collect all the info you may need through an online RSVP, like meal selections.

And remember— you may not need a lot of extra pieces. “Speciality shapes, wax seals, thick stock paper, ribbons, and other speciality additions can add postage fees (sometimes double rates) and will require hand canceling at a local post office branch, which is another additional postage fee.” says Renée. You can make your required pieces beautiful by focusing on special font choices, limited foil elements, or fun colorful pops.


  • The most economical wedding invites are semi-custom options through online retailers that offer plenty of templates, Renée says. Using an online retailer to address your invitations can also be budget-friendly—keep your eyes peeled for a flash sale or coupon code.

    Another low-cost option: Use a local printer for envelope printing or basic invitation prints that don’t feature foil or speciality touches.

  • “Assuming approximately 100 printed invitations are needed—standard for 180 to 220 invited guests—you can expect for an online retailer with semi-custom invitations without all the bells and whistles to run $1,500 to $2,500, minus shipping and postage,” Renée says. 

    If you’re adding in custom elements or additional pieces like wax seals or belly bands, that could go up to $3,000 to $5,000. If you’re fully customizing your invitation suite, including some luxury elements in the suite, Renée says you can expect costs to range from $5,000 to over $10,000.

  • While it may be the most economical to curate your suite yourself or design it yourself, I think you’d at the bare minimum need to have a prowess for graphic design and a great etiquette expert guiding you to make sure all the elements you need are included,” Renée says. “Printing locally can save big bucks on the budget, but there can be a lot of time investment in any DIY project, even your invitations. Assembly, stuffing, stamping, sealing, and mailing the suites alone is a big task!” 

    She recommends weighing out the cost of your time to invest in making your own invitations versus the economical route of a semi-custom suite from an online retailer.

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