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The 7 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes of 2022

by Staff

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be yet another thing to stress over—you may already have to send those change-of-date cards to worry about, after all. Enter subscription boxes that seriously simplify self-care.

Packed with products like beauty goodies, yummy treats, and therapeutic tools, self-care subscription boxes periodically arrive at your door ready to deliver a dose of relaxation and bring you a bit of peace. Every month, you’ll get a much-needed reminder to slow down, stay present, and take care of yourself. Giving your wellness routine a boost has never been easier.

So, once a month, silence your phone, forget about your email inbox, and indulge in these self-care subscription boxes. You deserve it.

The 7 Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Best Overall: TheraBox

If you’re serious about self-care, bring in the pros. With the mission to boost joy and inner wellness, TheraBox self-care subscription boxes are curated by actual therapists.

Arriving once a month in a pretty package, you’ll find one therapeutic activity that’s based on neuroscience and positive psychology research, such as an affirmation journal. Additionally, you’ll also receive six to eight full-size goodies to promote relaxation, like aromatherapy oils, natural and organic skincare products, jade rollers, incense, and more.

And, while we love the research-based curation that goes into TheraBox, our wallets love the value. TheraBox clocks in at about $35 per box for a month-to-month subscription, or you can also prepay for a three-month, six-month, or yearly subscription of about $100 ($33 per box), $192 ($32 per box), and $372 ($31 per box), respectively.

But the products themselves tote a value of more than $100 each and every month: a great deal all around.

Best Budget: Feeling Fab

Feeling Fab is a monthly subscription that offers three different options: a premium , premium plus and a budget-friendly mini version, each delivering monthly reminders to love every bit of yourself. 

The premium box comes with six to nine wellness products that may include natural and cruelty-free beauty and skincare items like scrubs and masks, healthy snacks, healing crystals, candles, and gemstone jewelry. This Premium+ Box comes with 8-10 clean, natural, eco-friendly, stress-reducing tools and products ($120+).

Each box, valued between about $65 and $100, also contains self-care tools, such as affirmations, mood trackers, and stress-reducing activities that you can work into your daily routine. Choose from subscriptions for one month (about $30), three months (roughly $91), six months (around $175), or a year (approximately $335).

Meanwhile, the mini box is light on price (between roughly $22 and $64, depending on the length of your subscription) but is still hefty on the self-care salves. Arriving with four to six wellness products every month and one to two self-care tools, it boasts an impressive retail value of around $55 to $65. For self-care on a budget—because you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to stress less—you can do no better.

Best Rewards Program: Hygge Box

Snuggle up to this subscription box based on the Danish lifestyle term that refers to all things oh-so-cozy. Like Feeling Fab, there are two options available, both with the goal of helping you slow down, let go, and feel comforted with monthly handpicked goods from around the world.

The Standard Hygge Box contains four to five seasonal items that include “an element of light,” such as candles or whimsical fairy lights, warm beverages like tea or cocoa, and edible treats. This option starts at about $36 per month.

If you want to really embrace that hygge lifestyle, look to the Deluxe Hygge Box. With prices starting at roughly $49 per month, it comes thoughtfully packed with five to seven self-care items that include everything the standard version offers, as well as full-size wellness and home decor products.

What really sets Hygge Box apart though is its rewards program, Hyggelig Club. If you’re looking to bump up your self-care game, it allows you to earn “Flink Coins” for purchases and completing actions like “following” Hygge Box’s social media accounts, which you can then turn in for products and discount codes.

Best for Bookworms: Introverts Retreat

For some, nothing says self-care like silencing your phone and curling up with a good book, allowing you to turn off the stress with the turn of each page.

For these bookworms, no self-care subscription box will serve them better than Introverts Retreat. This service delivers everything a reader needs to indulge in a completely cozy, introverted day, with a novel by a female author as the star of the show. 

Priced between roughly $16 and $42, there are three different versions of this box to choose from. The first is Read, which includes a novel, bookmark, gourmet goodie, and your choice of loose-leaf tea, coffee, or cocoa. The second option, Read & Relax, includes a novel, bookmark, full-sized candle, and your choice of artisanal bath salts or scented soap.

Last but not least, there’s the Read, Relax & Recharge box that comes complete with a novel, bookmark, yummy snack, warm beverage, candle, and bath salts or soap—plus, an additional beauty goodie such as a body butter or scrub. No matter which option you choose, you get to pick the genre to guarantee that it’s a page-turner you’ll enjoy. 

Best for Plant Parents: Lunarly

Get out your green thumb and get your self-care on with the Lunarly subscription box. Tied to the phases of the moon, this subscription box is delivered with every new moon—the perfect time to reset, renew, and set new intentions.

Inside each box, you’ll discover tools to set those intentions and begin mindfulness practices, such as a prompt-filled journal, as well as meditative treasures like gemstones, singing bowls, pendulums, and calming essential oils. Also included in every box is either a hand-poured scented candle or a beautiful house plant with a care guide. In the words of Lunarly, “you’ll not only learn how to grow plants—but yourself, as well.”

Choose from a monthly subscription (about $50), a three-month subscription (around $46), or a six-month subscription (roughly $42).

Best for Skincare: FaceTory

Who doesn’t love a night spent binge-watching in bed and treating their skin to the moisturizing, glow-achieving benefits of a sheet mask? For those seriously obsessed with skincare who love relaxing in this incredibly indulgent way, check out FaceTory.

This company offers affordable Korean beauty products that are tested by skincare experts and readily available for U.S. shipping. In addition to these à la carte goodies, it also offers subscription selections.

The Lux Plus box comes with five or six, soothing sheet masks and five to six skin products and is priced at roughly $50 per month. Meanwhile, the 7 Lux box comes with an impressive seven sheet masks, as well as one, full-size skincare product every month for about $20.

It’s both self-care and skincare delivered right to your door. What could be better than that?

Best Eco-Friendly: Earthlove

If you’re afraid that subscription boxes can be a tad wasteful due to excessive packaging, fear not.

For sustainable self-care, look to the Earthlove subscription box. For its quarterly packages, Earthlove carefully curates products from fan-favorite, eco-conscious brands that are ethically and environmentally responsible, often featuring zero-waste packing and natural ingredients, and that are cruelty-free, sustainable, vegan, and fair-trade.

Each of its seasonal subscription boxes come filled with six to eight full-sized holistic items, including apothecary, aromatherapy, and botanical goods, plastic-free swaps, beauty products, home decor accessories, apparel, teas, healthy snacks, and a book. You can expect to pay about $70 per box.

But if you’re not one for surprises, there is also the option of choosing your favorite eco-conscious goods and building your own box as a one-time purchase: a gorgeous (and green) score.

What Are Self-Care Subscription Boxes?

Self-care subscription boxes are thoughtfully curated packages full of wellness products that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and mindfulness. They often arrive either monthly or quarterly, while others are available as one-time purchases. With this set schedule, you’ll be less likely to skip your self-care routine and instead give yourself the TLC you deserve with the plentiful products inside each box.

What Is Included in Self-Care Subscription Boxes?

Self-care subscription boxes are filled with items that’ll ultimately help you relax, such as beauty products like soothing skincare masks and jade rollers, home goods like candles and incense, aromatherapy oils, bath salts, engrossing novels, and more. And to help calm both body and mind, many also offer therapeutic tools like affirmation journals.

How Much Do Self-Care Subscription Boxes Cost?

Self-care subscription boxes vary in cost, and you’ll often pay less per box when you purchase a longer subscription. Based on the boxes featured above, you can expect to spend between roughly $9 (monthly) and $60 (quarterly) for a subscription purchase.

How We Chose the Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes

Self-care looks a little different for everyone. For some, nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath. For others, self-care is cracking open a good book or applying a sheet mask. That’s why we made sure to select self-care subscription boxes that included an array of wellness activities. For example, book lovers should look to the Introverts Retreat subscription box that comes with a new novel to devour in addition to comforting products like candles and bath salts. And, if indulging in potions and lotions is your ideal act of self-care, check out the FaceTory box that’s full of skincare goodies. 

Of course, we also evaluated the price points and products across the board in order to bring you the self-care subscription boxes with the best value (like TheraBox with more than a $100 retail value!). We also poured over internet reviews of bloggers and customers and binge-watched the unboxing videos of YouTubers to guarantee five-star self-care.

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