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The Best Wedding After-Party Décor Ideas

by Staff

Every single part of your wedding day is so special: walking down the aisle, the ceremony, the cocktail hour, dinner—and of course, the after-party. A wedding after-party can take many forms; it may just be a continuation of the dancing portion of the night, once the formal reception is over, or it may take place at a different location (maybe a nearby bar). Either way, the wedding after-party is a time for the newlyweds and all of their guests to let loose and have the time of their life. If you choose to plan an after-party, part of making this event extra special is finding great ways to decorate your chosen space.

You may opt to focus on lighting—using disco balls, colorful lights, or string lights—in order to set the mood. Another option is to use decorations like shiny streamers or large neon signs that will catch the light and make for great photo ops.

Here, we look to our Real Weddings for inspiration for the best wedding after-party décor that will ensure the space looks stunning while everybody laughs, parties, and dances the night away.

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