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A Modern Indian Wedding with Five Unique Events in Los Cabos, Mexico

by Staff

When most people book a ride on the Megabus, they put their headphones in and zone out. Not Jasmine Multani and Aadit Parikh. On a fateful ride from Boston to New York City in April 2014, the two passengers got to talking—and their conversation just kept going. Five years later, Aadit got down on one knee.

“We got engaged in April 2019 at a beautiful space in Brooklyn that Aadit had decorated,” remembers Jasmine, an event designer behind WealHouse Co. “He had my family and friends fly in from L.A., which is where we were living at the time.”

They quickly decided on Los Cabos, Mexico, as the location for their April 10, 2021, wedding. “We always knew we wanted to have a destination wedding because of our love for travel,” Jasmine shares. “There is something so special about bringing all of your favorite people to one venue to celebrate your love story, especially after 2020. We wanted an Indian wedding with a modern, chic twist. We envisioned it to be a very personal and thought-out experience that would reflect our story.”

The duo booked Bonnie Chase of Bliss Events to help execute their multi-day event—but as an event designer herself, Jasmine had a very clear vision in mind. “I have worked with many clients who share a few inspo photos and their budget, and tell me to ‘go get ’em.’ Jasmine was not this kind of bride,” Bonnie says. “We worked so closely together that we developed a very cohesive partnership and, ultimately, a friendship. It was a dream to work with a client who cared as much about every detail being thoughtfully curated as I do.”

Orchestrating a total of five events over three days required heavy logistics and extreme organization—not to mention lots of creativity. “We planned each event with total attention to detail,” Bonnie continues. “Jasmine was fully on board with this approach and loved planning these Instagrammable moments with us. She stayed very hands-on through the entire planning process, always armed with fun new ideas.”

Read on to see the details from each of the wedding weekend’s events, flawlessly planned by Bliss Events and photographed by Bruno Rezza.

“We knew that we were going to be designing five separate events, so we set out to plan and design each with its own specific personality,” says planner Bonnie Chase. “We made sure that each event was at a different venue, had a different color palette, a unique lighting design, and even event-specific music. We wanted Jasmine and Aadit’s guests to continue to feel wowed as the weekend went on.”

First up was a traditional Haldi ceremony, in which a turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom to bless the couple before the wedding. “The color scheme of each event was important to me because it was the most obvious way to differentiate the events,” Bonnie says. The Haldi ceremony was awash with yellow and natural tones. “It took place on a beachfront pool deck, so we added some chic beach decor and paper cranes. It was lovely!”

We set out to plan and design each event with its own specific personality.

Later that evening, Jasmine and Aadit hosted their nearest and dearest for a friends’ welcome dinner at Acre Baja. “The welcome party was a playful Mexican fiesta with a range of colors including turquoise, dark red, and orange,” Bonnie describes. “We used mini piñatas as escort cards and had a salsa dance instructor come out and give a crash course to the guests.” 

The bride donned a chic Azeeza gown for the event, and Aadit opted for a fresh patterned shirt.

The next morning, Jasmine had traditional mehndi applied on her hands and forearms by Loto Mehndi by CB & Co. in preparation for the sangeet and wedding. The mehndi party had a Mexican mercado theme.

The Sangeet took place on the beach at sundown the evening before the wedding. “The Sangeet was very lively, with a heavy emphasis on fuchsia and coral,” Bonnie says. “We used a mix of boho textures like wood and rattan, and mixed some dried grasses into deep fuchsia florals.”

Guests wore traditional Indian attire, and enjoyed unique activations like a swing set and mezcal tasting. “The energy was highly charged,” Bonnie says.

With hair and makeup for each event, “I wanted to make sure I looked like me no matter what the look be,” Jasmine says. For the wedding day, “I ended up going for a fairly neutral look, with a simple low bun.” She got a blush gel manicure to last all week, and spritzed on Dior Oud, “my absolute favorite.”

I wanted something easy to wear but with unique threadwork,” Jasmine says. When she founded this blush-toned ensemble by Rahul Mishra, “it fit so well and was so unique—I knew I had to have it.” She paired it with a custom emerald green polki set and her mother’s diamond bracelets. 

The couple shared a sweet first look shortly before the morning ceremony. 

Aadit wore a traditional sherwani by Sabyasachi. “He wore an emerald necklace and blush turban for the ceremony,” Jasmine says; his look complemented her own beautifully. “He had his dad and brother help him get ready, so it was a special memory for them all.”

“Our Sikh ceremony was outside by the beach,” Jasmine says. “We focused on all guests and design details being pastel. There was something very simple yet romantic about it.” Bonnie adds: “The bright light and open space added to the clean vibe. We offered personalized whole coconuts for guests to sip on, and parasols to keep them cool.”

Jasmine’s two younger brothers walked her down the aisle to Aadit. The couple followed tradition for their cultural ceremony, but there was one Western custom they didn’t want to neglect. “Sikh ceremonies do not include vows, so we exchanged them a few months prior during our civil ceremony,” Jasmine shares. “It was important for us to personalize the experience. We wrote the vows ourselves and it’s a memory we’ll never forget.”

After the ceremony, the couple changed into Western wedding attire, Jasmine in a glittering Chosen by KYHA gown and Aadit in Art Lewin Bespoke with custom cufflinks. “We also embroidered his initials in my mom’s handwriting on his shirt,” Jasmine says. 

She changed up her beauty look by adding a bold lip and letting her hair down in big beautiful curls. 

“We used mirrors for their seating assignment installation, which was absolutely glamorous,” Bonnie says. “It was covered in flowers and surrounded by candles.” Live musicians and a sketch artist entertained guests during cocktail hour. Signature cocktails—the Cabotini, JasMine Forever, and Parikharita—were served with personalized JA drink stirrers. One of the cocktails was reserved for later, and served when guests were seated for dinner. For that one, “we added charcoal to the drink to make sure it fit the black-and-white theme of the reception,” Jasmine says.

“The wedding reception needed to be entirely different from the ceremony, so when Jasmine told me she wanted it to feel like a rooftop garden, I ran with it,” Bonnie says. “We stayed with a mostly black and subtly white color scheme, installed a magical tent of fairy lights and covered the frame with black fabric and crawling greenery, and loaded every corner with clear crystal vases and ivory candles.” The bar—which featured a personalized neon sign—stage, and dance floor served as focal points in the space.

We wanted to make sure each guest know how important they were to us.

“A huge goal for us was for it to feel modern, yet romantic and celebratory,” Jasmine shares. “We had a mix of white bud vases and large white arrangements on each table with several tapered candles.”

As the sun began to set, the newlyweds hit the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. “I think Jasmine and Aadit may have forgotten that cold fireworks were going to go off during their first dance, because they seemed equally as surprised and excited as their guests,” Bonnie recalls. “It kicked off an incredible night.”

As their 149 guests sat down to dinner, they were met with a touching surprise. “We personalized the reception by writing each and every one of our guests a note on the back of their name cards,” Jasmine shares. “We wanted to make sure each guest know how much we appreciated them, and how important they were to us.”

Appetizers were served while guests were seated, then the dance floor opened and guests got up to select their main course. “We had a sushi station, Italian station, and Indian station so everyone could enjoy several different cuisines.”

Close family and friends offered speeches, then the party was on. “The main focus of the evening was definitely everyone’s dance moves,” Jasmine remembers—and the dancing lasted until well past 3 a.m.

After a week of wedding events, it was time to relax and indulge. The newlyweds stayed in Mexico for a two-part minimoon at Casa Criollo in Oaxaca and then Cuixmala in Jalisco. Jasmine’s advice for other brides- and grooms-to-be? “Be patient and try to have fun with it,” she says. “Be sure to personalize the wedding so it feels like a mix of your personalities and not just a formality.”

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