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A Romantic Bay Area Wedding That Put Family First

by Staff

Chloe Lott and Alex Williams’ love story began the moment she arrived at his house party in August 2013. “He caught my eye instantly and his confidence was endearing,” Chloe shares. “We immediately had great banter and he could keep up with me.” Alex agrees, noting how entertaining it was to watch her “fend off suitors left and right.” “Our energies immediately just gravitated toward each other,” he adds. “We enjoyed each other’s company very much from that point on.”

Since that fateful night, Chloe and Alex’s interest in each other only grew—and they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Alex planned a romantic proposal when the couple was vacationing at Lanai, Hawaii in October 2021. “Before dinner, he took me on a walk around the property and we stumbled upon a rose petal-filled deck over water,” Chloe recalls. “I barely remember what he said; it was a deeply emotional moment for us.”

When planning their April 30, 2022 nuptials, Chloe and Alex were on the same page yet again, wanting to focus on their families’ rich histories and honoring tradition with their own love story. So, it was only fitting that the couple’s special day would take place at Chloe’s family home in the Bay Area. 

“A long time ago, Mr. Lott told me how he proposed to Mrs. Lott at their house on the balcony overlooking the Bay Area,” Alex explains. “The moment I took in that panoramic view, I realized not only had their roots been planted here, but I could see the roots of our relationship, too. We had been together since our meeting at Santa Clara University. The moment was real and the memories were right in front of me. I knew that would be the perfect place to continue the tradition of love.” 

Since the couple selected a venue that meant so much to them, they wanted to bring that same personal touch to every facet of the day—from the vendors they selected to the 80 guests who attended the big day. “We wanted it to be very romantic and have elements of us sprinkled throughout,” the couple shares.

Read on to see how Chloe and Alex turned their dreams of a sentimental soiree into a reality, as photographed by Lance Nicoll.

With gorgeous views of the Bay Area’s valleys, Chloe and Alex’s wedding venue quite literally felt like home. “To have our wedding at a place so familiar to both of us was so special and comforting,” the bride shares. “We didn’t even think about another place to get married. It was so right.”

The bride kicked off her wedding day by snapping pictures with her disposable camera and primping with her inner circle. Though Chloe tapped Grace Balsamo for “glam makeup” to complement the rest of her wedding look, she asked hairstylist Styled by Sabrina to amplify her naturally curly hair. “That’s the way I feel most like me,” the bride explains.

Once Chloe completed her glam, she slipped into a strapless, white silk dress from Lihi Hod. “When trying on dresses, this is the one I stayed in the longest and didn’t want to take off,” she explains. The bride completed her stunning ensemble with Jimmy Choo heels and a veil from NWLA Bridal.

Meanwhile, the groom dressed up in a black Ralph Lauren tuxedo with navy blue lapels. Rounding out his ensemble was a pair of black shoes, a silver watch, and black cufflinks. 

The couple decided to have an intimate first look before the ceremony began. “It calmed both of our nerves to see each other before the ceremony and ended up being one of our favorite moments,” Chloe shares.

“I turned and immediately became overwhelmed with emotions,” Alex recalls. “We took in the moment and held each other. She wiped my tears of joy. In the moment, it felt like just me and her on this earth, even though I knew all of our family and friends were watching from afar. A moment I will never forget.” 

The couple snuck away to capture some sweet portraits with photographer Lance Nicoll.

For the ceremony, florist Apis Floral created an altar with a mix of wild flowers and deep red roses. “Down the aisle, we had red roses [and] the aisle runner was overflowing with red rose petals,” the couple shares.

Need a refreshment? Guests could grab a spicy margarita, which was Chloe and Alex’s signature cocktail for the day.

The bride and her father glided down the aisle to Snoh Aalegra’s “Do 4 Love.” 

True to the couple’s vision, the ceremony was a family affair. Not only did Chloe’s brother play officiant, but the couple also asked each of their siblings to be their honorary best people. As the finishing touch on the sentimental ceremony, Chloe and Alex wrote and read their own vows. “I wanted a moment to embrace emotions around family and friends, who have always seen us as quite laid-back and not that emotional,” the groom explains.

Once the happy couple swapped Ashley Morgan wedding bands and a matrimonial kiss, they recessed down the aisle to “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers. 

“Right after the ceremony, we took time to spend together alone to soak in the moment,” Chloe recalls. “We just cried and held each other. There were so many emotions.”

Love was all around during this special day, as evidenced by the heart-fueled artwork that was completed during the party. 

With an abundance of string lights, several wooden tables covered in red runners, and roses repurposed in small vases and goblets, the reception area created a romantic-yet-inviting vibe. “The reception was dark [and] had rich blacks and deep reds to contrast the light and bright ceremony colors,” Chloe explains.

A San Francisco-based catering company Nosh delivered guests a mouth-watering meal. “We had an Asian flair to our meal with miso-glazed black cod, tofu, or Asian-braised beef short ribs,” the couple shares. “[Each entree was] served with ponzu smashed cucumber salad, charred garnet yam, Japanese eggplant, baby bok choy, and sushi rice.”

As for dessert? The couple tapped Icing on the Cake for a simple white cake with chocolate and raspberry filling, as well as banana and cream cheese frosting. “It has been a favorite bakery of my family ever since I can remember,” Chloe shares. “To have someone that has made cakes, cookies, and sweets for all of our birthdays and graduations, it felt perfect for Lynne to also create our wedding cake.”

Between bites, dinner was filled with heartfelt speeches by Chloe and Alex’s favorite people, proving just how powerful community can be. 

Throughout the night, the couple and their guests took advantage of the entire property—yes, even the pool. “We jumped in the pool at the end of the night and turned it into a pool party with our friends and family,” the couple shares. “It was unforgettable.”

The night raged on with a live performance from former Santana singer Tony Lindsay during dinner, plus a lively setlist from DJ C.J. Flash after. But, perhaps one of the best moments of the night was the couple’s first dance to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” 

“Not only did Chloe and I get to have a beautiful dance together in a moment where all eyes were on us, but we also got to share special dances with our parents,” Alex shares. “I remember a special moment in which while dancing with my mother I looked over and saw Chloe and her father dancing also. The smiles that radiated the moment became a snapshot I won’t forget. My mom doesn’t dance, so to see her get up in front of all these people and share that moment with me meant a lot.”

Though Chloe and Alex’s special day placed a heavy emphasis on family, they made a concerted effort to make their special day about them. “Trust your gut on your decisions,” the couple recommends. “The only thing that matters on the wedding day is how you feel.” If the couple’s courtship is any indication, good energy and an instant connection can change everything. 

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