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Best Online Cooking Classes of 2022

by Staff

Planning your nuptials may seem like it’s about just your wedding day. But if you do it right, it can also be about bonding and creating even deeper experiences with the people you value most. So if you’re looking for some wholesome and tasty fun ways to interact before the big day, online cooking classes can be a great way to connect and have fun. 

There are thousands of online cooking classes available now and for all skill levels. You can choose between interactive classes hosted on Zoom where you can ask questions as you go or stream prerecorded courses that you can watch at your leisure. Either way, we’ve found the best online cooking classes for people who love food and sharing new experiences. 

Best Online Cooking Classes of 2022

Best Overall: Sur La Table

Why We Chose It 

Sur la Table has a reputation for quality, and its classes are no exception. Each fully interactive class is taught by culinary professionals who are also trained teachers. Plus, the included prep packet offers shopping lists for easy prep. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Affordable with one price for each device
  • Prep packet includes a shopping list and preclass tips 
  • Wide variety of dishes 
  • Classes are taught by experienced teachers, not just chefs


  • Classes are scheduled monthly and not flexible
  • Class sizes may be larger than expected due to the online nature
  • Few classes are vegetarian
  • No customization offered

Coastal crab cakes, sangria, or cupcakes: Which would you choose? Sur la Table has a reputation for high-end culinary products and cooking classes in its stores around the country. With a wide variety of dishes to choose from, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone to enjoy. 

Additionally, the seasoned teaching staff teaches online cooking classes at Sur la Table, all of whom have worked in the industry and the retail space. Looking for a bit more star power? There are occasional celebrity chef courses as well and you can learn the ways of Emeril Lagasse or Martha Stewart. 

Classes are priced per device and start at about $29, so you’re only limited by how many people you can fit in your kitchen. All lessons are prefaced with a prep package that includes a shopping list and information about what you need to know before the lesson goes live. Expect courses to range from 90 minutes to two hours long.

Sur la Table offers a one-two punch of entertainment value and solid technical teaching that could be a great bachelorette party, date night, or distraction from addressing your invitations.

Best for Couples: Traveling Spoon

Why We Chose It

If you’re looking for a fun date night, Traveling Spoon offers private classes that are intimate and fun. 

Pros & Cons


  • Private classes and individual attention 
  • Connects you with cooks around the world
  • Hosts are vetted through the service 
  • Reviews for each class on the website 
  • Accommodates allergies and dietary restrictions


  • Scheduling can be tricky working across international time zones
  • Some classes require a two-person minimum to book

You long to jet off to Valencia for a late-night meal of traditional Spanish paella but don’t have the budget. Have no fear: The Traveling Spoon brings the expertise of local cooks into the comfort of your kitchen. With experiences from around the world, Traveling Spoon allows you to experience culinary delights from around the world through cooking classes with locals. 

The company initially organized in-home experiences while guests were traveling but now offers online classes, too. Now, you can choose from an extensive list of dishes and cuisines and book a completely private lesson: just your group and your host. And, Traveling Spoon vets all hosts, so you’re guaranteed a delicious experience. 

Classes start at about $40 for one device, with an additional $20 per device after that. Some hosts require a minimum number of devices to book. All have a maximum of nine devices, so you’ll never feel lost in the shuffle. Hosts provide an ingredient list and any advanced prep that needs to be completed before class. Since it is a private experience, guests may communicate with hosts about allergies or dietary restrictions beforehand. 

Booking aims to accommodate both host and guest schedules, which can be tricky when learning from people across the planet. Still, the service has rave reviews, so a great date night is within reach.

Best for Beginners: Udemy

Why We Chose It

If you want to dip your toes in the water, Udemy offers a huge variety of low-cost cooking classes that can be streamed at any time. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexible scheduling 
  • Wide range of experience levels 
  • Lifetime access 


So, you don’t know how to make scrambled eggs, let alone a pavlova? No problem. Udemy, one of the world’s largest platforms for online learning, has more than 400 classes specifically focused on teaching you the basics of cooking. With its wide variety of classes, you can learn a technique or try a recipe, all on your schedule. 

Udemy courses are taught by professionals in the field and have reviews on each course, so you can decide what to take based on real-life experiences. Classes range in length from a few minutes to 17 hours, but most clock in under three hours. The prices also vary from about $20 to $100 but are also subject to occasional promo codes that can significantly reduce your investment. There are a few free courses as well; you can search for classes by several criteria to narrow your search. 

Since Udemy classes are prerecorded, there’s no option to ask questions as you go; however, you are granted lifetime access to all lessons purchased, so you can rewatch as much as needed. 

Best for Amateur Chefs: MasterClass

Why We Chose It

For those who want to take their kitchen skills to the next level, MasterClass offers deep dives with the world’s best chefs. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Classes by industry-leading chefs
  • Extensive courses 
  • Short class times
  • Downloadable to watch at your leisure


  • Pricey compared to other services

You’ve seen the commercials: MasterClass is the destination for learning from those who have not only mastered their craft but become famous while doing it, and its culinary section is no exception. So if you want to learn how to make pasta from Massimo Bottura or fine dining from Thomas Keller, MasterClass is perfect. 

MasterClass prices itself as a membership, billing annually for about $180. While that price tag may seem steep, it includes classes across all subjects. So if you’re interested in a series of courses or even just more than two or three, a membership may be worth it. This also includes workbooks, offline lessons, a members’ only newsletter, and a community of users worldwide. 

Unlike many other online cooking classes, each chef’s course interweaves technique videos with recipes. For example, Gordon Ramsey’s course includes basics like knife skills and his famed beef Wellington. There are samples of each course available on the website, so you can get a feel of whether you’ll resonate with each chef. 

Although there are only 18 lessons currently available, new ones are added all the time. Plus, each course averages four hours broken up into shorter videos so you can take it at your own pace. And you can rewatch videos as much as you want as long as you’re a member of the site. By the end of one year, you might be ready to stage in Ramsey’s kitchen.

Best for Vegetarians: Cozymeal

Why We Chose It

Cozymeal offers more than 70 options for vegetarian-friendly cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Courses are fully interactive, so you can ask questions as you go. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Many options for both vegetarians and vegans
  • Classes typically include an entire menu
  • Courses are live and interactive
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Class sizes can be up to 20 people, so it may feel crowded

Vegetarian cooking is gaining in popularity and chefs are ready for the change. Cozymeal offers all types of online cooking classes but it has a plethora of vegetarian classes along with a handful of vegan classes as well. 

Classes are hosted on Zoom with chefs from around the country. Although the classes are interactive, there can be up to 20 devices logged on at a time. So if you’re seeking a more private experience, you may want to look into booking through its private party option. Prices are reasonable, starting at about $19 per device for some classes, up to roughly $49 for others. 

While some other courses teach only one dish, most Cozymeal lessons feature an entire menu, including cocktails. Class times run an average of 1.5 hours and include the needed techniques and the recipes. You’ll also receive a shopping list and the option to order your ingredients directly through the website for convenience. Offering flexible scheduling, Cozymeal is convenient for booking with all the members of your party. 

Final Verdict

With myriad cooking classes online, there’s little reason to not eat extremely well at home. Sur la Table stood out as an overall favorite because of the social and entertainment aspect: Experienced teachers make sure that participants grasp the concepts as they go. With many menus to choose from, Sur la Table is a great option for a connected event, even if you’re across the country. 

For those who want a more personal touch, Traveling Spoon transports you out of your kitchen and into those of your hosts around the world. Small class sizes make this perfect for couples looking to shake up date night. 

Udemy offers great basics for beginners, even if you don’t know how to hold a knife or boil water. And with lifetime access, you can rewatch the videos until you feel comfortable in the kitchen. MasterClass is for those that have mastered the basics and want to learn from the world’s best chefs. Vegetarians and vegans will appreciate the wealth of options from Cozymeal.

How to Choose the Best Online Cooking Classes

Cooking is a very personal experience, so assessing your comfort level in the kitchen is key. Do you want to learn a single recipe or the techniques behind cooking? If you want to master techniques, look for classes available for download so that you can reference them later. If you’re looking for more of an experience, search out interactive lessons that weave entertainment and learning together. 

Online Cooking Classes vs. In-Person Cooking Classes 

Online cooking classes allow you to work where you’re most comfortable: your kitchen. They also allow you to experience a lesson with people from across the country, making them perfect for events where you want to connect with friends who don’t live in town. 

In-person classes often include the ingredients for each dish but will charge per person rather than per device. In addition, in-person lessons can offer opportunities for personal instruction and attention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Dishes Can I Learn With Online Cooking Classes? 

There are online cooking classes to suit every palate, so the sky is the limit. Many classes focus on techniques, while others will teach a specific recipe or menu. Depending on what you’re interested in, there are classes that focus on everything from pasta-making to Indian food. If you have dietary restrictions, there are cooking classes available for vegetarians and vegans.

Do Online Cooking Classes Allow Me to Learn at My Own Pace? 

There are two options for most online cooking classes: interactive and recorded classes. Interactive classes are in real-time, so to some extent, you must keep up with the instructor or other participants, although questions are allowed. For recorded classes like Udemy or MasterClass, you can move at your own pace and rewatch anything that you don’t grasp the first time. 

How Much Do Online Cooking Classes Cost?

Online cooking classes can range in price from free to up to a couple of hundred dollars for a membership to many classes. Most charge based on the menu or dish that is offered. 


We researched 50 online cooking classes to find options that suit a variety of budgets and timetables. We made a point to choose suitable options for group gatherings and considered how many people were allowed in each lesson. To finalize the list, we considered reviews of those who had completed courses for firsthand feedback.

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