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Etsy Just Launched a Registry! Here Are the 7 Biggest Wedding Trends to Shop Right Now

by Staff

From decorations to dresses to rings to gifts, Etsy has everything you need when it comes to your wedding. To make your planning process even easier, Etsy just launched a registry for the first time ever. With this handy tool, you can browse all of the handmade goodies on the site and create a one-stop shop for your wedding guests. 

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski and fiancé Kevin Harrington were the first to test out the tool, creating their wishlist of their favorite Etsy items. “One of the best parts about registering with Etsy is that you can choose custom, personalized gifts that never feel cookie cutter,” says Porowski. “We had a lot of fun curating a list of one-of-a-kind pieces and mementos to take into this new chapter of our life together.”

Need inspiration on what to add to your registry? Etsy also shared the top wedding trends of 2023, based on search trends. From Western flair to lovecore, there is a trend to suit your wedding style, and you can always mix and match a few. “Couples are embracing the concept of duality when planning their weddings and are combining styles that showcase their personalities,” says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “Whether pairing a cathedral-length veil with a Western-inspired fringe dress or opting for a creative program with a lovecore color palette, there are so many unique ways couples can fuse together trends to make their big day feel authentic to them.” 

Read on for the breakdown of the seven major trends and the best products to bring them to life. Your registry is waiting. 


We know, we know—there are so many “cores” these days, it’s hard to keep up. But this is one we truly “love.” (Pun fully intended). Think hearts, roses, and touches of pink and red in your decor, accessories, and invitations. Etsy has seen a 21 percent increase in searches for heart themed invitations and a 18 percent increase in searches for pink menus in the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year. You can even add a dash of pink to your engagement ring with a pink morganite or moissanite stone.

Malibu Wedding Invitation Suite

Buy it: $13, Etsy.com

Perfect Lover Ring Pink Sapphire Ring

Buy it: $365, Etsy.com

The Lotus Bloom Co Pale Pink Wedding Skirt

Buy it: $366, Etsy.com

Oversized Florals

When it comes to this trend, the bigger the bloom, the better. “Rosettes and other oversized floral appliqués are a gorgeous way to add texture and romance to any wedding day look,” says Johnson. If you want to go all out, consider a wedding dress with a floral print or even a 3D floral design. You can also be a little more subtle by opting for a floral veil or a flower choker, which has seen searches go up 159 percent compared to last year.

Fern and Moon Tulle Veil

Buy it: $548, Etsy.com

Lux Jewy Rose Flower Choker

Buy it: $17, Etsy.com

Okko Dresses Mini 3D Flower Wedding Dress

Buy it: $280, Etsy.com

Western Weddings

The internet freaked out when it was discovered that Beyonce’s disco Renaissance cowboy hat came from Etsy. Yet the Western trend is more than just a viral moment. “Part coastal cowgirl, part Vegas elopement, the Western-themed wedding trend is gaining popularity as a laid-back and unconventional style that allows couples to have fun with their big day while encouraging guest participation in the dress code,” says Johnson.

One of the easiest ways to tap into the trend is gifting your bridal party cowboy hats to wear as a fun accessory for the bachelorette party. In fact, Etsy has seen an 1,334 percent increase in searches for disco cowboy and cowgirl hats. If you want to infuse your wedding day look with some Western flair, consider a fringed dress, jean jacket, or even a pair of cowboy boots. Or if you rather stick to the decor, you can find Western-inspired place cards and a horseshoe cake topper, for example.

Ally Jacqueline Co. Custom Jacket

Buy it: $100, Etsy.com

Allie and Oak Western Place Card

Buy it: $8, Etsy.com

Heart iFacts Gallery Horseshoe Wedding Cake Topper

Buy it: $59, Etsy.com

Love Story Gifts

We all know that the best gifts are those that feel personal and sentimental. “As shoppers move away from generic wedding gifts towards more thoughtful and meaningful options, custom gifts that celebrate the happy couple’s unique love story are rising in popularity,” says Johnson. While guests usually needed to buy these custom gifts off the registry in the past, you can now add them to your Etsy registry. Johnson says some popular options are custom couple portraits, custom song plaques, and personalized recipe boxes—a la Antoni Porowski and fiancé Kevin Harrington. Bonus points—these custom items make wonderful anniversary presents, too. 

Bryony Fripp Personalized Love Stories Illustrated Map

Buy it: $71, Etsy.com

Art Canyon Maps Wedding Song Lyrics Portrait

Buy it: $15, Etsy.com

Forever Wedding Crafts Personalized Recipe Box

Buy it: $30, Etsy.com

Rings with Character

As demonstrated by Kate Middleton, alternate gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and black diamonds make for stunning engagement rings. While Middleton’s ring dates back a couple centuries, the masses can also flaunt the style. There has been a 253 percent increase in searches on Etsy for handmade engagement rings as well as an 82 percent increase in searches for teal sapphire engagement rings. With all the handmade designs, you can find a ring that feels unique to you.

Rimon Fine Jewelry Two Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring

Buy it: $1,300, Etsy.com

Diorah Jewellery Teal Sapphire Engagement Ring 

Buy it: $1,742, Etsy.com

MinimalVS Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Buy it: $2,300, Etsy.com

Statement Accessories

“There’s a growing trend of brides focusing on statement accessories for their weddings, sometimes even making them the focus of their look over the dress,” says Johnson. Whether it’s embellished gloves or statement earrings, there’s an accessory out there that will give your look that extra pizazz. With Etsy, you can also opt to personalize these accessories by ordering embroidered veils and/or personalized bridal bags or cufflinks. 

The Boho Bride UK Personalized Embroidered Veil

Buy it: $205, Etsy.com

Precision Memory Personalized Cufflinks

Buy it: $30, Etsy.com

Undress Me Shop Long Sparkle Gloves

Buy it: $81, Etsy.com

Creative Programs

Similar to love story gifts, personalized wedding decor is also taking off as a way to make a couple’s nuptials or reception feel unique to them. Johnson says the site is seeing an increase in out-of-the-box wedding programs, such as those styled like a newspaper or magazine. “These elaborate, often editorial-style programs set the tone for the festivities ahead, and can be personalized with the couples’ favorite photos, stories, and memories, offering guests a fun and personal memento of the big day that can serve as a keepsake for friends and family,” says Johnson.

JCR Prints Wedding Newspaper Program

Buy it: $51, Etsy.com

Vibes Design Company Wedding Magazine Program 

Buy it: $3, Etsy.com

Wedding Sophisticate Wedding Program Fan

Buy it: $2, Etsy.com

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Emily Cieslak is an Associate Commerce Editor, covering all things fashion and beauty. With three weddings this year, she is in the midst of ordering wedding gifts, bachelorette favors, and tons of wedding guest dresses and accessories.

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