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The 17 Best 22nd Anniversary Gifts

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After 22 years of marriage, it’s definitely time for a celebration. While it may not seem as momentous of an occasion—you’re right in between the 20th-anniversary and the 25th—your 22nd-anniversary certainly holds meaning and is deserving of a special gift.

Both the traditional and modern gift for a 22nd-anniversary is copper. Of course, this metal adds a beautiful metallic hue to everything from home goods and jewelry, but it’s also symbolic in meaning. Copper is an incredibly durable metal, and it doesn’t deteriorate over time. It’s a beautiful metaphor for a strong marriage, ultimately symbolizing prosperity and romance.

Of course, you can always stray from the traditional and modern themes for your anniversary, whether it’s a custom piece of artwork or an item that your spouse has been coveting. To help you find the perfect gift, we’re here to help with everything from copper kitchen gear and personalized tokens to cozy throws and candles for your home.

Read on for our favorite 22nd-anniversary gifts.

What to look for in a 22nd-anniversary gift

The traditional and modern gift, copper

Copper is the perfect symbol to represent a strong, durable, beautiful marriage. “Copper has been used for hundreds of years in human civilization and has a proven durability, flexibility, and uniqueness,” says etiquette expert Maryanne Parker. “Copper does not crack or rust, which represents a strong marriage with ups and downs, but it still can continue to be strong, beautiful, and glowing.” It adds coziness to home décor and strength to tools, making it ideal to incorporate in any gift. 


  • While physical items make great anniversary gifts, you can certainly plan a celebratory experience as well. Parker suggests planning a spa day complete with facials and massages while incorporating products infused with copper. “Many times in the 22 years of marriage longevity, buried under the pressure of life, we forget to spoil ourselves a little,” Parker adds.

    Another great idea? Look to a dinner complete with lobster and oysters, and sip on Moscow Mules for a copper-inspired meal. 

  • This is all up to you and your preferences. “It is strictly individual,” says Parker. “The traditional couple might stick to the known, while others might decide to bring a little change and not play by traditional and predictable rules.”

    No matter the gift you select for your partner—whether big or small, handmade, store-bought, or an experience—they’ll be sure to love (and appreciate!) the thought you put into it. 

Meet the Expert

Maryanne Parker is a protocol consultant, etiquette expert, and the founder of Manor of Manners. 

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