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The 17 Best Wool Anniversary Gift Ideas To Celebrate Seven Years As Married Couple

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While every wedding anniversary is a big deal, hitting the seven-year mark with your spouse is particularly noteworthy, since some people believe that the milestone can be a turning point for couples’ happiness. Of course, there’s no actual science behind this notion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it as an excuse to celebrate your relationship and the love you share with a symbolic anniversary gift. 

Traditionally, the seventh anniversary calls for an item made from copper or wool, as both materials denote warmth, comfort, and protection. Many couples looking to honor their time together opt for cozy wool gifts: from ultra-soft throw blankets to the softest slippers, there’s something for everyone. “There are so many clever options when it comes to celebrating a wool anniversary year,” according to expert Peg Dunnem. And if you’re someone who leans towards DIY projects, wool is the perfect medium to create something one-of-a-kind for your spouse.

Read on for the best wool anniversary gifts.

Bella Busta Gift Engraved Wool Tray

Nothing’s more thoughtful than a personalized anniversary gift, and this engraved wool and faux leather tray, available on Etsy, is a perfect choice. It’s big enough to fit keys, glasses, watches, and more, and the inside features a sweet message about the joys of spending seven years married to your loved one. You can customize the tray with your names and wedding date and alter the message’s wording slightly if you’d like, as well.

Sleep Philosophy Wonder Wool Down Alternative Blanket

Why not get your partner a gift that both of you will enjoy? This luxurious wool blanket will keep the two of you cozy and well-rested all night long. It’s made from breathable, moisture-wicking (and hypoallergenic) material, with a 300-thread count and pretty trellis pattern. Pick the blanket up in twin, full/queen, or king sizes, and get ready for some serious snuggles.

Mark & Graham Hand Embroidered Wool Throw

Another great personalized option, this beautiful wool throw is an ideal choice for a significant other who loves the outdoors. The hand-crafted blankets come in six fun designs, including skiing, hunting, and fishing, all of which feature an embroidered monogram. You can pick from 18 font options and 15 colors for the letters, so you can be sure that your spouse will get the throw of their dreams.

Shovel and Spade Wool Beer Sleeve

If your other half enjoys a beer now and then, they’ll love these handmade wool coozies, which are both lightweight and eco-friendly. They’re super effective for keeping drinks cold and your hands dry, as wool holds air and repels water, making the material a naturally great insulator. Choose from one of several ever-changing seasonal colors, and select from four styles, including standard can, slim can, tallboy can, and bottle.

Woolcrazy Personalized Two Peas in a Pod

You truly can’t get cuter than this hand-crafted gift, which takes the “two peas in a pod” concept literally with its two tiny felted-wool peas that sit together in a green pod adorned with leaves. You can personalize the items by requesting your loved ones’ initials to be embroidered onto the peas, and you can also ask for your last name or a different word (i.e. love, together, forever, etc.) to be woven into the pod.

Muk Luks Men’s Morty Ragg Wool Sock Slippers

Give your husband an anniversary gift that will make him feel ridiculously comfortable. These pull-on slipper socks are lightweight but still extremely warm, thanks to their combination of insulating wool and knit fabrics. They also come in four handsome colors to fit his style. Trust us—your guy will want to live in these cozy slippers all winter long (and you’ll undoubtedly borrow them all the time before picking up a pair for yourself).

Pendleton Throw With Leather Carrier

This vintage-style blanket roll is two gifts in one. First, you’ve got a patterned, park-inspired wool throw that’s as soft and cozy as they come—for an extra-special touch, choose from wide variety of fonts to create a personalized monogram. Then, there’s the throw’s elegant leather carrier, which lets you easily transport the indoor/outdoor blanket to the beach, the park, or anywhere else you and your partner want to go. What’s not to love?

JWH Love Birds Throw Pillow Cover

This adorable hand-crafted throw pillow cover features an image of two lovebirds, making it a fitting choice for a seventh-anniversary gift. The cute design, soft and durable material, and ability to add a fun accent to any room of the house. It’s a sweet way to show your significant other how much you value them and your marriage on your special day.

Evangeline A-Frame Merino Wool Blanket

How pretty is this striped wool blanket? Both the gray and midnight blue versions are attractive and timeless choices, and you can take things further up a notch by personalizing the blanket with a sophisticated monogram. Plus, it’s majorly soft and warm but not so insulated that you and your spouse can’t use it all year long. Pick this must-have blanket up in twin, full/queen, or king sizes.

L.L. Bean Adults’ Wool Ragg Sock Gift Set

Available on L.L. Bean, these classic wool socks feature ultra-soft, itch-free material and durable, long-lasting quality. They come in a pack of three, with a pair in each of the three color choices: charcoal, gray, and navy. Best of all, they’re machine-washable (unlike many other wool socks), so your spouse won’t have to worry about taking extra care of them every time they want their feet to feel cozy.

Northwind Supply Wool Felt and Leather Bookmark

Another tiny yet heartfelt option, these pretty two-tone bookmarks are handmade from wool felt and feature leather tabs and hardware available in seven colors and three materials. They’re the perfect gifts for a partner who likes nothing more than curling up with a book, and the high-quality construction means you can be sure they’ll last a long time.

J. Crew Merino Wool Metallic Turtleneck Sweater

This gorgeous turtleneck wool sweater is sure to be a staple of your spouse’s closet for years to come. The soft and luxurious material feels amazing to the touch, and the cut and structure is super flattering. It’s a hardworking piece that’ll earn your other half tons of compliments every time they decide to throw it on.

Feltnyarn Wool Felt Ankle Boot

These unique hand-felted wool boots are made for both men and women and come in four attractive colors: dark brown, marbled tan, marbled light grey, and marbled brown (you can also request a different color, such as cerulean or cream, for an additional cost). The shoes are meant to be worn barefoot to fully appreciate the softness of the material, and the wool will keep your loved one’s feet warm and dry for hours on end.

Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn

Does your partner enjoy a creative challenge or just love to knit? This wool yarn, which you can purchase at Target, comes in five pretty colors (pale blush, natural, pacific teal, low tide, and cherry) and is made of thick, resilient material—making it especially perfect for beginners. Your significant other will have a great time putting the yarn to use for projects like sweaters, blankets, hats, and more.

Alvada Warm Thermal Wool Socks

These soft, thermal wool socks are meant to be worn while hiking, so if you and your partner frequently hit the trails, they’ll appreciate receiving the three-pack. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, though, the versatile socks will still come in handy due to their cushioned, supportive design and itch-free, temperature-regulating material. Best of all, they’re unisex, so you and your spouse won’t have to fight over who gets to wear them on a cold-weather day.

Seymoure Museum Knit Wool Gloves

These super stylish black gloves from Nordstrom will easily elevate any outfit, thanks to the chic, polished look and feel of the hand-knit wool material. The pair comes in a classic black color, with gorgeous, intricate zigzag detailing woven into the wrist and fingertips. Your significant other will be wowed by the versatile gloves’ stunning design and high quality—especially since they’re touchscreen-compatible. Don’t be shocked if you end up buying a pair for yourself!

Just Paper Roses Wool Rose

This sweet handcrafted rose, made entirely of wool felt and standing around seven inches tall, will make an unforgettable anniversary gift. In addition to the pretty red rose and green leaves, the item comes with a tiny note in the planter that says “Happy 7th ‘wool’ Anniversary” and is adorned with a pint-sized ladybug. Honestly, celebrating milestones as a couple doesn’t get cuter or more thoughtful than this.

What to look for in a wool anniversary gift 

It depends on your spouse’s interests and hobbies. Do they relish quiet time at home, curled up with a good book? A soft throw or warm slippers could be the perfect gift combo. If they’re outdoorsy or love to hike, dry wicking socks or a rugged sweater may be just the thing they need to add to their pack.

If you don’t see a wool gift that fits your needs (and if you’re DIY-inclined), consider knitting or crocheting your own. “Creating a handmade wool piece to keep your sweetheart warm and cozy is the ultimate labor of love,” says Dunnem.


  • If you’re making your own wool gift or choosing from a variety of options, Dunnem advises buying ethically-sourced wool whenever possible. “Less processing, and more sustainable choices, lead to better yarns,” she explains. “It results in garments that not only last, but are loved and are better for the earth and its people.”

  • To wash an item that’s made of wool, you’ll want to fill up a basin with lukewarm water, and pour in a few capfuls of liquid wool soap or a soap bar, says Dunnem. Gently submerge and rinse the item in the sudsy water, giving it a squeeze and swish now and then before letting it soak for some time.

    When you’re done, gently squeeze out the excess water (but don’t wring or twist it, as that can damage the fibers). Lay the item flat on a towel to dry—hanging it up will stretch it out.

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