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The 18 Best 14th-Anniversary Gifts in 2022

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Coming up on 14 years of marriage? That’s a big deal! And after more than a decade of supporting your partner, nurturing your relationship, and having plenty of fun along the way, marking the occasion with a beautiful gift is certainly appropriate. It’s time to celebrate! 

The traditional gift for celebrating 14 years after you said “I do” is ivory, but you’ll want to stray from the real deal made from elephant tusk. However, there are plenty of symbolic ivory items or experiences that make a great alternative in its place. And as for the modern gift? It’s gold, a precious metal that represents prosperity and long-lasting commitment. You can even combine both traditional and modern gifts into one present—sparkly gold and sophisticated ivory hues make for a perfect marriage. From handmade jewelry to bar tools and beautiful fragrances, we’ve got you covered for this special anniversary.

Read on for the best 14th-anniversary gifts. 

What to look for in a 14th-anniversary gift

The traditional gift, ivory

While ivory is banned, it’s still seen as a precious symbol of patience, dignity, and stability, just like your marriage!. “Fourteen years of marriage is a testament to patience and durability, adaptation and collaboration, and fidelity and integrity, says etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau. She adds that you’ve gotten well pas the “seven year itch” (double that time, in fact!) and that this anniversary is a testament to years respecting and honoring your vows.

The modern gift, gold

Just like your relationship after 14 years of marriage, gold is incredibly strong. It can withstand everyday wear, but it’s also flexible enough to mold into beautiful jewelry and other trinkets. Celebrating with jewelry or a piece for home that’s decked in gold is both functional and symbolic. 


  • Of course, your anniversary gift can certainly be an experience rather than an item instead. Comeau suggests following the traditional theme of ivory and planning a safari trip to see it in the wild. You might also consider spending an afternoon taking a jewelry glass to create a gold necklace or pair of earrings together. 

    For the adventurous couple, plan to spend the day hiking at your favorite spot, complete with a great meal either once you reach the destination or when you return home. Of course, a beautifully written card can go a long way as well. Just remember, it’s all about showing your beau that you’re recognizing and celebrating 14 years strong and look forward to 14-plus more. 

  • While it can be fun to go with a theme, it’s definitely not a hard and fast rule. Gift-giving should be enjoyable, rather than stressful, so just go with your gut. After all, you know your partner best! “The most important element is if you’re planning a gift for both of you, celebrate together,” says Blais Comeau. 

    Personalized gifts are always appreciated—your partner will love the thought and attention that goes into the present. And a special, off-theme gift or an object that they’ve been coveting are also great options.

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