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The 18 Best Anniversary Flowers for Love That’s Ever-Blooming

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From personalized art to custom accessories, there are so many different anniversary gifts out there—but sometimes less is more. Whether your partner adores flowers, has a green thumb, or just loves traditional gifts, a flower arrangement is classic anniversary present that always makes a big impression.

“Arrangements tell a story that interests people. You can see the time, care, and talent behind each arrangement,” says expert Matty Heron. “Who doesn’t want a work of living art in their home?”

Like art, flower arrangements can take all forms, from fresh blooms or dried flowers to paper designs. Choosing the perfect arrangement all comes down to your partner’s preferences. What are their favorite flowers and color palettes? Are they modern minimalists, or do they love wildflowers and romantic English gardens? Luckily, there’s an arrangement, potted plant, or faux greenery option out there that will be sure to fit your spouse’s tastes.

Read on for the best anniversary flowers.

What to look for in anniversary flowers

Specific flowers

While you can spend hours researching what flowers go with what anniversary year, Heron says the perfect arrangement comes down to your partner’s favorite flower. As a florist, he always wants to know what flowers the customers like and don’t like when designing a bouquet. 

If you aren’t sure about your partner’s floral preferences, Heron says looking at the flowers from your wedding is a good place to start. Not only will it likely contain some of their favorite flowers, but using the wedding bouquet as inspiration is a good way to bring you back to the special day on your anniversary. 


Besides the type of flowers, selecting the right shade of the blooms will set the tone for the entire arrangement. “We love to pedal romance, love, and mystery,” says Heron. “It gives the person an incentive to keep an eye on the arrangement and figure it out.”

For light-hearted romantics, Heron says you can’t go wrong with shades of cream, whites, and pale pinks. For a bolder look, he recommends deep jewel tones like burgundy and fuchsia. Of course, going with your partner’s favorite colors—whether that’s orange, green, or blue—is always a safe bet. 

Shipping and service

Needless to say, you want your flowers to come on time and in the best condition. Nowadays, different floral sites offer fast, sometimes same-day delivery. Give yourself enough time to find and buy a bouquet and realize shipping may take longer during different peak seasons like holidays. 

Heron also suggests researching the company’s reviews as well as looking at their social media to vet the quality and final look of their service.


  • Now that you’ve gifted your partner a lovely bouquet, you want to make them stay fresh as long as possible right? Unfortunately, traditional fresh-cut flowers can’t last forever.

    “Flowers have a mind of their own,” says Heron. “You need to be realistic; a bouquet is not going to last seven to ten days.” Though wilting will inevitably happen with time, Heron says changing the water every day or every other day is helpful. He also recommends trimming the stems to help the flowers suck up freshwater. And placing the bouquet in a cool, shady location rather than in direct sunlight will help extend its shelf life.

  • Anniversary gifts follow different themes based on the number of years, and the same goes for different flowers. Of course, these are just suggestions and it’s best to first follow personal preference. Here’s a breakdown of the major anniversaries and associated flowers:

    1st: Carnation

    5th: Daisy

    10th: Daffodil

    15th: Rose

    20th: Aster

    25th: Iris

    30th: Lily

    50th: Yellow roses and violet

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