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The 18 Best Bronze Gifts That Will Make Your Day Shine

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Forged from a combination of copper and tin, bronze is the ultimate symbol of a durable union between two different people—stronger when combined! Bronze may not have the high end allure that silver or gold has, but with all the great gifting options out there, it’s worth exploring this traditional theme for your eighth anniversary.

“Creative, heartfelt, and outside-the-box gifts are wonderful, but aren’t always easy to come up with,” say Dominic and Serena Fournier of San Antonio-based planning company, The Bride Source. “Traditional themes can help give you direction and something to look forward to each year.”

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Dominic and Serena Fournier are the founders of the San Antonio-based The Bride Source. In addition to event planning, they also offer DJ and MC services.

Upgrade your kitchen with a sturdy cake server or a bronze-colored, non-stick aluminum pan. A custom piece of art or a personalized ring dish will make your S.O. feel special, and a bronze-hued piece of jewelry or watch is always appreciated. It’s also possibly to get creative with items that aren’t actually bronze, but make a nod towards the theme—think a bronze membership to a monthly cheese club or a metallic duffle bag. This metal may be a classic theme, but these gifts are anything but ordinary.

Read on for the best bronze gifts.

What to look for in a bronze anniversary gift


Rather than actually being made of bronze, it’s likely your gift will feature a bronze coating (and that’s totally ok!). Just make sure you pay careful attention to how you should best care and clean for the product. If you do want to buy something made of real bronze, test it out with a magnet. If the material is real bronze, the magnet will fall off. Bronze also doesn’t rust, another way to spot it is to observe if there is any corrosion.


  • “Themes can be really fun,” say the Fourniers. “However, the best themes to follow for your anniversary gifts are the ones that reflect you as a couple,” That means it’s completely acceptable to go off-theme if there’s a gift that you know your partner has been coveting, or if you choose to gift an experience versus a physical gift.

  • As the Fourniers point out, sometimes the best gifts don’t cost much or anything at all. “Bronze is one of the most durable man-made materials, lasting thousands of years,” they said. “Rather than give the actual material for your anniversary, one creative way to use this theme is to apply the properties of this metal to your relationship.”

    That could take shape in the form of a poem, a letter, or a song in which you can reference the longevity of your love and marriage. They also suggest using the number eight, such as listing your eight favorite things about the other person or eight of your favorite memories from your married years. 

     They also love the idea of creating a scavenger hunt for your spouse. “This can be as simple as clues around the house, or as adventurous as a day spent exploring the city,” they said. “Each clue can be an opportunity to reminisce on a memorable moment from the past eight years.”

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