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The 18 Best Cotton Anniversary Gifts Your S.O. Will Love

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With two years under your belt, your marriage is officially in full swing. The honeymoon period might be ending, but your partnership is just beginning. So celebrating this milestone is a must! Traditionally, the second wedding anniversary gift is cotton, which symbolizes the strength and comfort of your union. Like the individual threads of fabric, you are weaving together your lives to create something strong and enduring with the comfort and warmth of true partnership.

Luckily, cotton comes in many forms—which means there are a plethora of great gifts to consider. Two years is a perfect time for a bedding overhaul and cotton sheets can’t be beaten. Or maybe something more whimsical—like a cotton hammock for two—strikes your fancy. And even if you’re celebrating a different anniversary year, luxe cotton throws, bedding, and cozy robes are gifts that will be sure to please (there’s no reason you have to stick to the rules!).

Read on for the best cotton anniversary gifts!

What to look for in an anniversary gift

Celebrating an anniversary is so much more than giving a gift. It’s about honoring the connection you have and the life you’re building together. So coming up with a thoughtful way to celebrate your coupledom is just as meaningful and important as the gift you give. Whatever you choose to do for your anniversary, celebrating your partner and the love you share is what ultimately matters.

Cook a romantic dinner

Your honey is sure to melt when they see all the effort you’ve put into making a special meal for the two of you to share. Pro tip—don’t forget to make it candlelit!

Take them back to a meaningful place

Go back to a spot that has a special meaning for you as a couple. Whether it’s the park where you proposed or the place where you had your first date, taking a trip down memory lane will spark those amorous feelings that started it all.

Treat them to a night out

If your beau has a favorite sports team or musician, a night out to a game or show is a fun way to treat the person you love to a gift that says I get you. What’s more romantic than that?!

Make it a surprise!

Whether you’re taking them out to their favorite restaurant or setting up a romantic picnic in the park, keeping your plans on the DL will add a sense of playful mystery to the occasion.


  • Although cotton is the traditional second-anniversary gift, it doesn’t mean you have to give a gift that’s by the books. Giving something thoughtful or sentimental is a perfect way to mark the occasion.

    The modern second-anniversary gift is china, so a set of gorgeous plates or a stunning china teapot are excellent choices. If you’re craving a more sentimental gift, a photo album of cherished moments is a sweet way to take a trip down memory lane. And if you’re a romantic at heart, surprising your bae with a candlelit date night or a bouquet will fan the flames of love.

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