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The 20 Best 17th-Anniversary Gifts That Your Partner Will Love

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Comfortable. Supportive. Perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. Descriptions of someone’s favorite chair or their partner of 17 years? With any luck, the answer is “both.” Perhaps that’s why furniture is the modern and traditional gift for the 17th anniversary. Like a great significant other, a good piece of furniture makes a house a home and stands the test of time. So, an outstanding piece is the perfect way to celebrate a relationship that never goes out of style. 

Still, it can be tricky and expensive to invest in such a large gift, especially if you aren’t totally sure what spouse wants—or you’re buying an anniversary gift for a couple. If you don’t want to splurge for an ottoman or an armchair, try gifting something that features Carnelian—the gemstone associated with this anniversary. Or go totally off-theme with an object they’ve been coveting or a personalized present that shows how much you care. To help, we’ve collected a great assortment of furniture pieces, jewelry, and custom gifts that they’ll be sure to love.

Read on for the best 17th anniversary gifts.

What to look for in a 17th-anniversary gift

If you are planning to celebrate this anniversary with a piece of furniture, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Your partner or the couple’s needs

First, try to determine what your person or couple needs. If they’re still storing all of their spirits in a crowded cabinet, it might be time for a bar cart. If they have stacks of books lining the walls of their office, they could probably use an extra bookshelf. If nothing is missing from their home, consider what could stand to be replaced. Is the coffee table covered in rings and scratches? Was the nightstand severely dented in the last move? Maybe they’ve mentioned hating that troublesome bottom drawer in their dresser or that lumpy, 12-year-old couch.  


Remember to be mindful of the size of a piece. Imagine what room(s) it might go in and have a range of suitable measurements in mind. No matter how perfect the piece, if it’s too big or too small it might not add to the home in the way you hope. 


Make sure you have a very good sense of a person or couple’s style before buying furnishings for them. Do they hate mid-century designs or love the French country house look? Do they prefer neutral or bright tones? Are they more into solids or patterns?

You can answer a lot of these questions by paying close attention to the pieces they already have in their home. You want to make sure that whatever you buy them fits the rest of their decor, after all. If you still feel unsure, it’s always best to ask. Better yet, you can buy a gift card from their favorite furniture store and let them pick something out for themselves. 


  • There are a lot of ways to get creative with a 17th-anniversary gift. One option is to gift them an experience—whether it’s romantic or adventurous, it’s an opportunity to slow down and spend quality time together. Bonus points if your gift helps them check something off of their bucket list like skydiving lessons, tickets to the orchestra, or cooking classes.

  • Absolutely not! The guidelines are great to reference as you generate ideas or if you’re feeling stuck, but you’re really the best judge of what they will or won’t love. It’s much more important to get them something they’ll use or enjoy than to stick to the rules.

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