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The 21 Best 16th Anniversary Gifts

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After 16 years, they still burn for each other. They’ve fanned a spark into a flame and tended the fire carefully. And those fireworks they share deserve to be recognized and celebrated, don’t they?The traditional gift is wax (think candles, wax seals, and more) and the modern gift is silver holloware. (metal serving pieces like bowls, serving trays, or teapots). The gemstone (Peridot) and color (silver) associated with the 16th anniversary also provides lots of gifting opportunities for gorgeous jewelry, sentimental trinkets, and other accessories they’ll love.

To help, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts, from unexpectedly cool wax items to silver holloware that that’s both practical to luxurious, We promise you’ll find something that will make them light up.

Read on for the best 16th anniversary gifts.

What to look for in a 16 Year anniversary gift

You certainly don’t have to follow the gift-giving guidelines for the sixteenth anniversary, but the traditional gift (wax) lends itself to creative interpretation, and the modern gift (silver holloware) offers an opportunity to buy small items that your loved ones will actually use. The gemstone (peridot) and color (silver) associated with the sixteenth anniversary also leave you with a lot of opportunities to buy gorgeous jewelry and accessories or cute trinkets that they’ll love. 

The traditional gift, wax

Wax is, of course, closely associated with candles; their flames represent the passion partners feel for one another. This does not, however, limit your gift options as you may think. There are plenty of wax-related gifts for lovers of beauty products, spa days, coats, shoes, bags, crafting, and more. So, feel free to think outside the box when searching for a “traditional” gift. 

The modern gift, silver holloware 

Holloware refers to metal serveware and includes an array of items like bowls, serving trays, teapots, and more. The only exception to this category are flatware and utensils. Silver holloware is a symbol of longevity and representative of time spent sharing meals together. Traditionally, it was made of sterling silver—today, it’s much more common to give silver-colored holloware, which is often made of stainless steel core.

When buying a holloware gift for someone, consider their tastes and needs. If they love antiques (and if you have the budget), you might consider looking for a vintage piece that actually is made of sterling silver. If they prefer modern pieces, you might look for a well-designed, high-quality piece made by a contemporary designer. You should also think about what they need. If they love to entertain, they might need a large beverage tub or pitcher. If they enjoy small family gatherings, you might consider a small serving bowl or even a champagne bucket for a romantic dinner.

The gemstone, peridot

Many people aren’t familiar with peridot, but it’s a beautiful, green gemstone with a distinctive, chartreuse hue. It has long been thought to be a source of strength, cheerfulness, balance, health, and peacefulness, all of which are incredibly beneficial to any marriage. If you’re shopping for someone who loves jewelry and other metal accessories, a peridot piece will be a lovely addition to their collection. 

The color, silver 

You can buy so many incredible gifts that are silver-colored or made of silver like jewelry, picture frames, and dinnerware. You could also repurpose a silver trophy or medal commemorating the “world’s best partner.” Consider wrapping your gifts in silver paper too, if you want to nod to a 16th anniversary theme. 

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a gift that will have meaning for your loved one—an activity they’ll enjoy, a household item they’ll make use of, or a token of affection that they’ll cherish.


  • If you’re crafty, it can be fun and cute to make your own on-theme gift. Think about creating a wax sculpture or a DIY portrait out of wax-based media. You can also make some unique jewelry pieces out of silverware if you have the proper equipment. 

    If you’re not so artsy, take the advice of Hunker Senior Design Editor, Ariane Moore: “Consider gifting a new experience that one or both of you have been wanting to try, such as stand-up paddle boarding lessons or a hot air balloon ride.”

    Moore also suggests interactive ideas like a scavenger hunt. “You could even create a commemorative street map poster or a puzzle,” she recommends. ” Include an aerial shot of a sentimental location, such as where you had your first date.” 

    And iff you’re looking for a quirky experience gift with a nod to the 16th-anniversary wax theme, consider a trip to one of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museums—there are seven locations in the United States, including NYC, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

  • Absolutely not! If you find an on-theme gift that’s perfect for your loved ones, that’s great, but it’s much more important to get them something that will be meaningful to them. As Moore puts it, “This is one rule that I am definitely in favor of breaking. Ultimately, you want to get your spouse a gift that symbolizes and celebrates your bond, but you also want them to. have something they’ll love.

    And no one knows your spouse better than you do, so it might be best to throw out the list and go with your instincts. On the other hand, if you like the idea of the following tradition, or perhaps you appreciate a little guidance, the classic gift-giving guidelines might be the way to go.”

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