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The 23 Best 35th Anniversary Gifts in 2022

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Thirty-five years. Many people who are celebrating this anniversary have likely been with their partner longer than they’ve been without them! Together, they’ve figured out adulthood (as much as any of us can): they’ve watched one another pursue and succeed in careers, maybe learned to parent, developed new interests and hobbies, discovered new skills, faced losses and hardships, and embraced new challenges and adventures. Most importantly, they’ve been one another’s constants, offering unconditional love and support through it all. They’ve been there to provide encouragement in the face of struggles, comfort in the face of defeat, and celebrate every win and accomplishment.  In other words, they are #relationshipgoals in every way. 

So, how do you find a gift to celebrate two love gurus? The traditional (coral) and modern (jade) gifts and the gemstone (emerald) associated with the 35th anniversary leave you with a lot to work with. From on-theme décor, personalized art, and jewelry, to off-theme food and drink boxes, flowers, and heart-warming keepsakes, we’ve got ideas for that perfect gift you’re searching for. 

Read on for the best 35th-anniversary gift ideas.

What to look for in a 35th-anniversary gift

The traditional gift, coral

Lucky for you, coral accessories and home goods abound in the summer. You can also opt for an item with a coral design, like a scarf, a piece of home décor, or jewelry. If you’re shopping for an ocean-loving conservationist, you can even donate to a campaign to preserve and protect our endangered coral reefs. There’s a lot of room for interpretation here. 

The modern gifts, jade

Modern gifts can include items that are the shade of green jade or made from jade. There’s so much gorgeous jade jewelry out there for men and women, and jade green is a lovely, tranquil color perfect for hand towels or tea towels, throws, dinnerware, plant pots, and accessories. For the plant enthusiast, you could even go with a jade succulent.

In addition to the traditional and modern gifts, the gemstone associated with this anniversary is emerald, which looks incredible on anyone’s ears, neck, wrist, or hand. You don’t have to limit yourself to jewelry though. As with the traditional and modern gifts, you can opt for something emerald-colored to go with the theme.

If none of these options sound quite right to you, that is absolutely fine! You should never get something your couple or partner might not like just because you’re trying to stay on theme. If you feel bad about “breaking the rules”, you can always give a nod to the theme by wrapping your gift in coral or jade or emerald green. And, don’t forget the card!


  • We agree with Etsy Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, who says that no matter the age of the couple, you “can’t go wrong with a personalized anniversary gift because there’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a sweet, sentimental something made just for them.” 

    She also adds that activity-based gifts are an excellent out-of-the-box option because they often provide couples with an opportunity to spend the day together doing something they both enjoy. Some stand-out examples that she mentions include a personalized chess/checkers set they can use to challenge one another on, a vertical planter they can fill together, or a DIY Cheese Kit for those adventurous lactose lovers. 

  • Isom provides the following insights about anniversary gift guidelines: “Some of the benefits of sticking to traditional and modern guidelines are that it sets expectations, builds fun traditions, and helps spark gift ideas for couples who feel stuck or overwhelmed. Personally, my husband and I love giving each other traditional and gemstone anniversary gifts, as it challenges us to get creative with our gift-giving every year.”

    On the other hand, she observes, “traditional gifts are not for every couple–and that’s more than okay! Some may feel restricted by the guidelines, and want to explore unique gifts outside the yearly themes.” Whether you follow the guidelines or not, though, she stresses that it’s important for a gift buyer to consider a partner or couple’s “personalit[ies], interests, and hobbies so that they can confidently select a present that is reflective of their relationship.”

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Dayna Isom Johnson is an Etsy trend expert, NBC Making It judge, lifestyle specialist, and food enthusiast. With at least a decade of knowledge, she’s the go-to for gift-giving advice.

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