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The 35 Best Traditional and Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

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Every year of marriage is worth celebrating, but especially when you’ve been going a decade strong. Traditionally, tin or aluminum is meant to commemorate the 10th wedding anniversary. Known for their resilience and inability to rust, they symbolize the durability of your marriage. But if you want to give—or receive—a bit more glamorous of a gift, you might prefer the more modern 10th-anniversary theme: diamonds. Because by 10 years, your marriage is just as beautiful as that glittering rock.

“The most important thing about a gift is the thought that goes into it,” advises etiquette expert Myka Meier. “A photo that is in a frame and beautifully wrapped, or even something you made, can be a great option that may not cost a lot of money but does show a lot of thought.”

From tin to aluminum to diamonds, we’ve rounded up some gift options for all three. Of course, there’s sparkling jewelry on this list. But there are also a few practical gifts, like an aluminum cookware set and a portable backpack chair. We even threw in a few sweet, personalized items that will make your spouse’s heart swell.

Meet the Expert

Myka Meier is an American-British entrepreneur, etiquette coach, and author. She is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and co-founder of the Plaza Hotel’s Finishing Program.

Read on for the best 10th anniversary gifts.

What To Look For in a 10th Anniversary Gift

Tin, the Traditional Gift

A symbol of strength and durability, tin is a perfect representation of a decade of marriage. From personalized artwork to utilitarian gifts, there’s something for everyone.

Diamonds, the Modern Gift

There’s a reason that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds will last forever, and they pretty much go with any outfit—they’re classic, sophisticated, and elegant.

Thoughtful and Personalized Presents

Remember, the best gifts are not always the ones that cost the most. A sweet card, a handmade gift or an experience (think a special dinner at home or a hike to a favorite spot) can make a big impression. And adding custom touches and personalization will make a present feel even more thoughtful.


  • Any anniversary is a major milestone that’s deserving of a thoughtful celebration. While giving a gift to your bae is a wonderful way to mark the occasion, sometimes the most meaningful gifts are the ones that money can’t buy. After a decade of marriage, you know the things that will bring a smile to the face of your spouse, so a bit of thoughtful planning will go a long way.

  • If they enjoy low-key evenings at home, treat them to a special dinner complete with candles, a favorite meal, and their wedding playlist—it’s a super romantic way to create an intimate celebration with meaning. For the adventurer, surprise them with a day or overnight trip to a place that holds special memories. Whatever you choose to do, a little bit of thought and creativity will go a long way.

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Brides contributor Hillary Hoffower has over six years of experience writing for the wedding industry, covering everything from bridal fashion trends to wedding decor. She has an eye for design and quality that she takes into consideration when selecting gifts. She thinks you can’t go wrong with gifting a girl’s best friend: diamonds.

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