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The Best 12th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Your Milestone

by Staff

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Any time two people manage to maintain a relationship for over a decade, it’s a big deal. Keeping love alive for that long is a lot of work—deeply rewarding work but work nonetheless—and I think we can agree that work deserves to be celebrated with a meaningful gift. 

While an anniversary gift doesn’t have to follow any guidelines, the traditional (silk and linen) and modern (pearl) gifts for the twelfth anniversary do have some touching symbolism attached to them. Silk and linen are strong materials, made so by their tightly woven threads; they symbolize how couples grow stronger by weaving their lives together more and more tightly over time. Pearls are slowly and gradually formed into something beautiful and precious. They serve as a metaphor for the rare and valuable nature of the love couples share—a love which, like the oyster’s pearl, takes a lot of time and effort to perfect.  And it’s totally ok if you want to skip the themed gifts altogether and go with something personalized or specific to your spouse’s interests and passions.

Read on for the best 12th-anniversary gifts.

What to look for in a 12-Year anniversary gift

For couples 

Since the twelfth anniversary is for mature couples who are long past the honeymoon stage, gifts that celebrate their history, their caring bond, and the life they’ve built together are a good choice. Often these presents allow them to look back on their past. Reminiscing can reignite that romantic fuse and allow them to stop and think about how grateful they are for each other and how far they’ve come. 

Anything that brings both partners joy also makes a wonderful gift. Home goods are perfect as they are not only useful or decorative but serve as a reminder of their twelfth-anniversary celebrations for years to come. 

Finally, anything they can experience together will make them smile: gift baskets of food or wine, a couple’s spa day, a game or activity. Whatever it is, they’ll love having an opportunity to spend time together and share something new. 

For individuals

If you’re searching for a gift for your partner, friend, or family member, you want to select an item that shows them how much you value them and their relationship success. Partners should look for something that says “I still adore you” and something that expresses how much they appreciate their loved one’s care, support, companionship, and partnership.

Ideally, friends and family members should choose something that celebrates and shows respect for their loved one’s enduring union. But it’s OK if they just want to get something their friend or family member will love too! 

Why Trust Brides? 

As a hopeless romantic, Mckenzie Eggers loves to see relationships that last and believes they should be celebrated with great fanfare. She has scoured the internet to find meaningful gifts so that couples out there can have the best, most heart-warming anniversaries possible.

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