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Watch This Viral Couple Add a $231 Speeding Ticket to Their Wedding Registry—It’s the Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

by Staff

Creating your wedding registry is arguably one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process—it’s an opportunity to curate a wish list of items that will enhance your newlywed life. While most couples register for dinner plates or new bed linens, one pair decided to add an expense that they just didn’t want to pay for. About a month before their big day, Annabelle Griffin and James Worth received a speeding ticket for $231, and instead of footing the bill themselves, they invited their friends and family to cover the fee by adding it to their wedding registry. 

On October 9, 2023, Griffin posted a TikTok video of the hilarious solution to a costly problem. The clip begins with Worth sitting at a desk on his computer while holding an envelope. The camera zooms in on the envelope, which contains a speeding ticket inside. “Wedding in 26 days,” the text on the screen says. “Timing couldn’t be better.” The footage then reveals the real reason why Worth is online: He’s updating his wedding registry with the ticket item. After the camera zooms in on the screen, the viewers see that the duo added a cash fund listed as “James’ Speeding Ticket Fund.” The video then ends with James typing “PLEASE HELP” in the text box for the description. 

Other fellow TikTok users showed their support in the comments section. “Now this is a wedding gift I can get behind,” someone wrote. Some individuals commiserated with the bride-to-be by sharing similar misfortunes that happened before their own big day. “I totaled my car the day I bought the ring,” someone recounted. Other account owners even expressed interest in contributing to the cause, even though they weren’t invited to the wedding. “I will donate for the plot,” someone said. “What’s the link?”

After Worth received a speeding ticket while visiting family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the couple decided to create a fund on their registry to see if anyone would notice, Griffin told Insider. Since most of Griffin’s TikTok followers are friends and family, the bride-to-be thought it would be funny to share the video online. “I just thought it would be something our friends saw and laughed at,” she noted. “I really didn’t think it would grain traction so fast. Once it started gaining more views, people started asking for the link to our wedding registry, so they could donate.” The video has accumulated almost half a million views since Griffin first posted it. 

Nowadays, more and more couples are requesting monetary gifts instead of traditional wedding registry items. Some future newlyweds aren’t interested in updating their kitchen appliances or bathrooms, so they use a registry to invite guests to contribute to a fund. For instance, some couples might ask friends and family to chip in as they work on renovating their home, while others might invite loved ones to help them pay for a day trip during their honeymoon. 

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