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14 Ethical Engagement Ring Jewelers for Diamonds You Can Feel Good About Wearing

by Staff

If you’re trying to make more conscious decisions about the items you spend your money on, then you may want to look into ethical diamonds for an engagement ring. Many diamonds that are on sale now have been mined in unsafe conditions or in conflict zones—and the diamond industry has been notoriously known to exploit their workers, and use non-environmentally friendly practices to source their products.

Ethical diamonds are raw diamonds that are obtained using fair mining practices in terms of wages and conditions, safe treatment of miners, and sustainable practices; and to fall within the ethical category, diamonds should be in compliance with strict labor and environmental regulations. Meaning, that the harvest of these stones should not involve child labor or forced labor, and the profits from sales should not fund violence.

Unfortunately, finding genuine ethical diamonds isn’t always easy, though, there are a lot more options today than there ever have been. When searching for the perfect ring, do your research to look into the background of a stone and avoid purchasing anything from known conflict zones. Lab-created diamonds are a good alternative since they are created in a lab and not mined. Recycled diamonds are also a good way to go, as they avoid the issues that can come with newly mined stones.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an honorable engagement ring, the below jewelers are a great place to start. These brands offer ethical diamonds that you can feel good about wearing every day—and it doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful, to boot.

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