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18 Types of Rings Everyone Should Know

by Staff

Birthstone Rings


Did you have a birthstone ring as a child? Those mini faux gem rings you could buy at the dollar store or in gift shops were a popular way to broadcast your birth month to the world, or perhaps you received a special piece with your stone as a gift for an important occasion. “The list of birthstones became standardized in 1912 with notable additions in the 1950s (alexandrite, citrine, pink tourmaline, and zircon) as well as in 2002 with the addition of tanzanite for December,” explains Theis. “With multiple birthstone lists to choose from, modern vs. traditional, there are a ton of options in choosing the best gemstone for daily wear.”

If you don’t like your birthstone, choose a stone you do like instead—the rules don’t apply anymore. “The current list we’ve been using for 100 years was created in part with a nod to history and stones that have been associated for millennia with certain times of the year,” Schatner says. “But more than that, it was dictated by what gems were available [for shopping]. If you don’t like your birthstone, pick your own!”

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