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20 Couple Rings for You and Your Partner

by Staff

There are many ways to express your love and devotion to your partner. One way is the tried and true tradition of a set of rings. Couple rings are a special symbol of connection and commitment between two people—think of them as wearing your love on your finger for the world to see. 

For many twosomes, wearing rings together, whether they’re matching or not, is a sweet way to show off their intimacy. For others, it’s a way to make an important promise to each other. “Whatever the occasion, the overall meaning is love and commitment, says expert Madeline Fraser. “They are a beautiful representation and extension of a couple and a true physical way to remember love as it grows.”

Meet the Expert

Madeline Fraser is the founder and CEO of the try-before-you-buy jewelry site and app Gemist.

Regardless of the meaning behind them, the most important thing is picking out rings that really speak to who the couple is and what they mean to one another. 

Types of Couple Rings

Engagement rings, which symbolize the promise of marriage, are only one type of couple rings. There are also promise rings, which symbolize the promise of marriage in the future, and commitment rings, which signify devotion. Some partners also get couple rings as simply a sign of their relationship, and not necessarily something more serious. Lastly, there are wedding bands, exchanged at the altar when a couple gets married. 

Do Couple Rings Always Need To Match?

It seems obvious that couple ring sets should be identical, but there’s no requirement for that. In fact, Fraser tells Brides that couple rings are rarely exactly the same. “This is because everyone tends to have their own individualized style,” she says. “Think of couple rings as complements to one another rather than matching. That all of the sudden opens up space for rings that inherently will be more unique and intimate for the wearer.” 

Are Couple Rings Worn On a Certain Finger?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and Fraser says that promise and commitment rings can also be worn on that finger. But, in the end, it’s up to the couple. “There are no set rules when it comes to rings that express how much you love someone else,” she says. 

How to Choose the Perfect Couple Rings

Once you decide you want to get a set of rings, the fun part begins: finding the perfect pair! The key to finding rings that are right for you and your partner are choosing ones that express your personalities. “With so much meaning behind these rings, get creative,” Fraser advises. “Think about the kind of styles and materials you both like.” 

If you can’t find a ring that you like at a shop, create a custom ring with a trusted jeweler. Going custom allows you to create something personal unique and ensures you’ll love the piece forever.

To make your set of rings stand out, Fraser recommends getting creative (i.e. choosing unique stones and/or settings) and opting for one element that overlaps. “For example, you may have totally different styles, but can agree on the same metal type,” she says. The easiest way to make your rings unique, though, is to opt for the custom option. This gives you almost total control creatively and can really result in something extra special. 

But custom can be pricey and can take a long time—it’s not for everyone! If you’d prefer to shop for your couple rings, check out 20 truly beautiful options below. 

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