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25 Filigree Engagement Rings For a Vintage Vibe

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Courtesy of Valina

There’s something about vintage-inspired rings that makes them feel extra special. Not only is it a subtle callback to a different period of time, but these rings are more unique since they don’t fit in with the modern, clean lines of some trendier pieces. Vintage and antique-inspired engagement pieces typically have more detail and design, so if you want something that’s the opposite of minimalist, these styles are a great choice—especially, filigree engagement rings.

Filigree is when a precious metal (white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum) is carefully manipulated into twisting, curving designs. This style can look like old-fashioned scrollwork or even floral-inspired embellishments. What’s more, the intricate metal designs throughout the band, or around the center stone, will instantly make your ring stand out.

Finding a genuine vintage filigree engagement ring is always an option, but if you want something more modern, there are plenty of brands making filigree designs today. They might not fit into the pared-back look of a contemporary style, but that’s all a part of their beauty.

So ahead, here are some of our favorites you can buy now.

Kirk Kara 18K White Gold Filigree Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kirk Kara

This is a beautifully intricate ring for those who prefer a wider band rather than something slim and simple. It includes signature filigree and milgrain edging for a really unique look.

Valina Vintage Milgrain and Filigree Accented Graduating Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Valina

The side view of this ring is so gorgeous and detailed, with milgrain-beaded filigree swirls and leaf motif accents. There’s no shortage of detail and there’s tons of sparkle.

Artcarved Corinne Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ben Garelick

If milgrain isn’t your vibe, this ring solely features a filigree accented band. Floral-inspired designs create a leaf-like effect that surrounds the center stone.

Simon G Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Simon G

This piece has a more modern look than most filigree rings, as it features a diamond halo around a circular diamond center stone and trapezoid diamonds on both sides.

Brilliant Earth Hudson Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Available in platinum, yellow, white, or rose gold, this ring has a more customizable feel to it. The filigree band is accented with milgrain for a delicate and detailed look.

L Priori Caitlin Ring

Courtesy of L Priori

For this ring, the filigree detail is only visible from the side, which makes it feel like a fun detail. A round center stone sits in a beautiful diamond halo, accented by milgrain edges for a vintage look.

Kirk Kara 18K White Gold Twist Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kirk Kara

The unique twisted band of this ring features tons of sparkling small diamonds. And the filigree swirls hidden underneath the center stone are the perfect finishing touch.

Ashley Zhang Deco Diamond Filigree Ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Extremely detailed filigree and an Old European cut center diamond make this ring feel exactly like a rare gem. The oblong shape is also unlike many other rings available now.

Valina Vintage Milgrain & Filigree Accented Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Valina

A band full of filigree swirls is accented with diamonds and milgrain. We love the marquise diamond sitting directly underneath the center stone as a fun side piece.

Simon G. SG Engagement Ring MR2955

Courtesy of Simon G.

A lot of filigree rings are very elaborate, but it is possible to find a more simple design. Simon G.’s SG engagement ring is a perfect example, with a band that looks plain from the top but has filigree visible from the sides.

Doyle & Doyle Vintage Filigree Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Doyle & Doyle

You can go for a vintage-inspired filigree engagement ring, or you can get an actual vintage filigree engagement ring. This one features an Old European cut center stone and the kind of design you just don’t see on current rings.

Capucinne Moissanite Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Capucinne

For those who don’t want a diamond as their center stone, this ring features moissanite, which is a less expensive option that looks just as beautiful. Delicate swirls along the unique band make this feel very feminine.

Brilliant Earth Delicate Antique Scroll Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Delicate filigree swirls adorn this structured and slim band. You can also customize it to your liking, choosing the metal and the shape of the center stone.

Simon G. Vintage Style Scrollwork Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ben Garelick

This floral-inspired filigree piece is romantic and intricate, featuring a really unique band that looks beautiful from all angles.

Kirk Kara Carmella Ring

Courtesy of Kirk Kara

This ring merges the more trendy designs we’re used to seeing today with the vintage style of filigree work. From above, this piece looks pretty standard, but from the side, we see the delicate swirls.

Simon G. 18K Rose Gold Filigree Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ben Garelick

This ring has such a striking look to it, with a center stone that isn’t completely connected to the rest of the band. The filigree work looks like leaves with little diamonds throughout.

V. Barbone Parker Ring

Courtesy of V. Barbone

This is another authentically vintage ring that comes from the Art Deco era circa 1923. It’s hard to find filigree bands without pavé diamonds, but this is an example of one that really works.

Ken & Dana Designs Brandee Ring

Courtesy of Ken on & Dana Designs

For something romantic, interesting, and very detailed, opt for this ring by Ken & Dana Designs. The intricate band looks like little leaves and works well with the simple center stone.

Kirk Kara Pirouetta Ring

Courtesy fo Kirk Kara

This ring features a unique split shank, half of which is filled with sparkling pavé diamonds. Some filigree work can be seen underneath the center stone.

Ashley Zhang Diamond and Sapphire Open Navette Ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

This antique ring dates back to 1910 and is such a stunner. It combines platinum and 14k yellow gold, which was once common, and even features blue sapphires alongside a diamond.

Simon G. Marquise Halo Vintage Style Floral Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ben Garelick

A marquise center stone looks extra special with this floral-inspired band, which includes delicate filigree and milgrain detailing. A halo of pavé diamonds makes it extra sparkly.

Kirk Kara Stella Ring

Courtesy of Kirk Kara

This tapered engagement ring features a little bit of everything: scroll hand engravings, filigree, peek-a-boo diamonds, and milgrain edges. The princess center stone fits in with the more old-fashioned details.

V. Barbone Nagi Ring

Courtesy of V Barbone

This authentic, antique ring features a rose-cut diamond in a bezel setting, with scrolling filigree along the band. It’s a unique style that definitely looks more old-fashioned.

Whitehouse Brothers Romanesque Arcade Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ben Garelick

This vintage-style ring includes filigree arches, wheat pattern designs, and a hand-engraved scroll. Strategically placed diamonds add sparkle in all the right places.

Brilliant Earth Vintage Inspired Filigree Halo Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

The unique shape of this ring makes it feel so special. The marquise-shaped diamond is surrounded by filigree, milgrain, and diamond accents.

What to Look For When Choosing a Filigree Engagement Ring


Filigree is a kind of metalwork that involves taking precious metals and arranging them into lace-like designs, featuring popular motifs like vines, flowers, and hearts. So, when shopping for a filigree design, it would be helpful to decide the exact style you want. If you’re looking for a floral-inspired ring, choose one that has leaf-like filigree. If you want something more romantic, look for vines or scrollwork.


The right metal is important for a great quality filigree engagement ring. Platinum is durable enough to stand up to the metalwork, but it is more expensive than other metals. Skip 24K gold since it’s so soft, and instead, opt for 14k gold which is more durable.


The price of a filigree engagement ring really depends on the metal, and the carat and quality of the center stone. Antique-inspired filigree rings are always an option, but that price range can vary greatly. Additionally, actual vintage and antique filigree rings can sometimes be less expensive unless the design is elaborate.


  • Because they are so intricate, filigree engagement rings can be a little difficult to clean. In fact, you might find that some jewelers aren’t able to properly service your piece, so it varies on the style you get. When you buy one, be sure to speak to your jeweler about the cleaning process.

  • Filigree rings can be really detailed and include a lot of open scrollwork. Not only can they appear delicate, but they actually are very delicate. Depending on the filigree work, it can be easy to catch your ring on things like clothing or loose strings, which may pull on the metal. The best rule of thumb is to always exercise a little extra care when wearing your ring.

  • Filigree can make any engagement ring look immediately unique and special, especially if it’s an authentic antique or vintage ring. The detailing can also be a gorgeous addition to your ring and is an inexpensive way to embellish.

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