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28 Gorgeous Cluster Engagement Rings for a Contemporary Look

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Ecksand Blossom | Design by Amelia Manley 

If you’re in search of a unique engagement ring that feels one-of-a-kind but isn’t too pricey, then you really can’t go wrong with a cluster engagement ring. Made with an assortment of stones in different cuts and sizes, these rings are interesting to look at and often feel unexpected.

“Cluster rings are usually asymmetrical and incorporate different shapes and colors,” jeweler Sarah Ortega of Sarah O. Jewelry tells Brides. “There are multiple main stones (no main center stone) creating a multi-focal point.”

Meet the Expert

Sarah Ortega is a New Mexico-based jeweler who created the brand Sarah O. Jewelry.

There are two types of cluster rings. One kind, which is particularly trendy at the moment, features a few different stones in different cuts and colors (think Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring). The other kind features a cluster of small stones that are put together to resemble one larger stone.

It’s not hard to see why cluster engagement rings are having a moment in the spotlight. “A lot of people are drawn to cluster rings because they want something non-traditional, and it allows them to create something totally unique,” Ortega says. “Also, it’s a nice way to incorporate sentimental stones, like birthstones or heirloom stones.” Cluster rings are perfect for the indecisive bride: If you can’t pick between a round diamond or a pear-cut gemstone, you can have both.

Here’s a look at some of the most gorgeous cluster engagement rings available that will leave you seriously reconsidering the solitaire ring you had your eyes on.

Victor Barbone Pixie Ring

Courtesy of Victor Barbone.

Courtesy of Victor Barbone

Make your cluster ring even more unique with this vintage option. It’s an authentic ring from the Edwardian Era circa 1910, featuring an old European-cut diamond surrounded by clusters of small diamonds.

Laura Preshong Portia Brilliant Cut Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Laura Preshong.

Courtesy of Laura Preshong

This asymmetrical cluster ring features mixed sizes of round Canadian diamond side stones that surround a brilliant-cut center stone. The shape is so beautiful and the gold band completes the look.

Ken & Dana Design Lippy Ring

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design.

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

This Art Deco-inspired ring is a true stunner. The horizontally-set oval center stone gives it a bit of a vintage look, while the beaded gold setting and smaller diamonds surrounding it add lots of detail.

Artemer Flora Cluster Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Artemer.

Courtesy of Artemer

Instead of featuring a larger center stone surrounded by smaller stones, this ring features a cluster of smaller stones that form a floral shape. All in all, this piece is unique and feminine.

Capucinne Veronica Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Capucinne.

Courtesy of Capucinne

The asymmetrical setting of this baguette diamond makes this ring really stand out. It’s surrounded by a variety of smaller stones on a thin gold band.

Bario Neal Eaves Cluster Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal.

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This cluster ring features two larger stones in two different shapes: the oval and pear diamonds steal all the attention, but the smaller diamonds clustered around them really add a nice shape. The thin gold band keeps this ring on the simpler side.

Mejuri Diamonds Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Mejuri.

Courtesy of Mejuri

The perfect cluster of small diamonds makes a unique and beautiful shape. This almost looks like two rings stacked together, but it’s really just one on a thin gold band. This gives the look of a larger diamond without the price point.

Harry Winston Pear-Shaped Cluster Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston.

Courtesy of Harry Winston

This elegant and sophisticated design features a center pear-cut diamond stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. It creates a unique shape that is signature Harry Winston and manages to be classic but different at the same time.

Victor Barbone Elvira Ring

Courtesy of Victor Barbone.

Courtesy of Victor Barbone

This authentic antique ring is from the Edwardian era and features a Toi et Moi style that you won’t see on many other rings. On your finger, it creates a pleasing, almost bubble-like look.

Anna Sheffield Celestine Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield.

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield 

This stand-out ring features a center champagne diamond surrounded by tiny pearls. The shape and basket underneath give this ring a vintage feel.

Effy Bouquet Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Effy.

Courtesy of Effy

If you want the look of a larger diamond without the high price point, this cluster bouquet ring is perfect. The center stone is actually several small diamonds clustered together to look like one round stone, and the double band creates a chunkier look.

Ken & Dana Design Starulla Ring

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design.

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

This cluster of small diamonds around a center round stone creates a star shape. The band features more small stones and an intricate milgrain design, too.

Bario Neal Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal.

Courtesy of Bario Neal

If you’re open to something besides a diamond but also want to keep things a little bit classic, opt for this ring. The asymmetrical raw diamond looks more modern, and the cluster of yellow sapphires on the side adds a little bit of color.

Natalie Marie Jewelry Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Natalie Marie Jewelry.

Courtesy of Natalie Marie Jewelry

The smaller stones on the sides of this round diamond center stone give off a floral look that is really feminine. A thin band just adds to how delicate and dainty this one feels.

Mejuri Linear Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Mejuri.

Courtesy of Mejuri

A beautiful diamond alternative cluster ring, this one features prasiolite, diamond, and green sapphire. It’s colorful without being overwhelming and feels fresh and modern.

Ecksand Blossom Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ecksand.

Courtesy of Ecksand

A cluster of small diamonds surrounds a center round diamond for a floral look. These ethical diamonds are untreated and not enhanced, and the band is made of 100 percent sustainable recycled gold.

Brilliant Earth Stella Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth.

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

A collection of small marquise-shaped diamonds surround a center round stone for a chic and modern look. This is so pretty from the top and the side.

Ken & Dana Design Gretchen Ring

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design.

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

Uniquely designed gold prongs, tiny leaf details, and a split shank band make this ring really stand out. The cluster of small diamonds creates a round diamond look, and the overall feel is very floral and feminine.

Alexis Russell One of a Kind Moonstone and Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Alexis Russell.

Courtesy of Alexis Russell

Can’t decide on just one stone? This unique cluster ring offers a few: moonstone, Montana sapphire, and orange diamond. It’s a perfect alternative ring option.

Melissa Tyson Designs Constellation Ring

Courtesy of Melissa Tyson Designs.

Courtesy of Melissa Tyson Designs

A cluster of white and gray diamonds is a nice way to do something unique and modern without straying too far from the classic white diamond. These small stones are arranged in a constellation-like shape.

Mociun Vega Ring

Courtesy of Mociun.

Courtesy of Mociun 

This ring features an old European cut center ring, with small diamonds on the side that give off an interesting starburst design. It offers tons of sparkle.

Bario Neal Lash Cluster Triad Andalusite Marquise Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal.

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This one has a very different shape: instead of smaller stones around a large center stone, it’s a few stones lined up. The unique prongs and the collection of different shades make this one very modern.

Kobelli Multi Diamond Baguette Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Kobelli.

Courtesy of Kobelli

Small round and baguette diamonds make up this interesting cluster ring. From afar, it might appear to be one large diamond, but a closer look shows that it’s just a whole bunch of smaller ones making a beautiful shape.

Lovebright Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Courtesy of J.R. Dunn.

Courtesy of J.R. Dunn

This is another cluster ring that appears to be one stone when it’s actually a collection of smaller ones. It looks like a round diamond and features a delicate, thin band.

Mociun Super Luna Ring

Courtesy of Mociun.

Courtesy of Mociun

This dazzling ring is a real showstopper, with an old European center cut stone and several smaller European-cut stones around it. The delicate gold band just adds to the whole look.

Blue Nile Marquise and Round Diamond Cluster Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile.

Courtesy of Blue Nile

A collection of sparkling marquise and round diamonds give this ring a unique look. Instead of your typical center stone, it looks wider and features a lot more stones.

Kobelli Oval Cluster Split Shank Ring

Courtesy of Kobelli.

Courtesy of Kobelli

A large amount of small round diamonds create the shape of a large oval diamond, all surrounding one center oval-cut stone. The split shank band is also covered in diamonds.

Ken & Dana Designs Grace Ring

Courtesy fo Ken & Dana Designs.

Courtesy fo Ken & Dana Designs

This ring is both classic and unique at once, with a cushion-cut diamond center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds and citrine. The citrine adds a nice pop of color that is still subtle.

What to Know When Shopping for a Cluster Engagement Ring


If you want to create your own cluster ring, Ortega strongly recommends working with a talented designer. “They can advise you on choosing stones, settings, and creating the actual design,” she says.


Many people say that one of the pros of cluster engagement rings is that they’re cheaper. This is usually because they don’t have one large center stone, so while they do feature several stones, they’re all smaller and less expensive. But Ortega notes that this isn’t always true: some cluster engagement rings can be pretty high up there in terms of cost.


Cluster rings that feature multiple kinds of stones definitely have a more modern look to them, so if your goal is to get something that seems classic, this might not be the ring for you.


  • Depending on the stones and settings in your cluster ring, Ortega notes that it might require extra care. “Again, this is where a trusted designer can help guide you to choose what works best for your lifestyle and preference,” she says. “Plus, they can give you the best cleaning and care tips for your particular ring.”

  • “If your cluster engagement ring has a lot of diamonds or gemstones in the design, you may want a metal wedding band with none or minimal gemstones to further highlight the engagement ring,” Ortega says. “If you are going to pair a cluster ring with a band, it might be good to have that in mind when you are choosing/designing. This way, you can make sure both rings complement each other.”

  • Ortega notes that they can take more time to design and that they aren’t always cheaper. “They can be tricky to pair with a band depending on the silhouette of the ring,” she adds.

  • Ortega recommends using white diamonds and sticking to fewer stones instead of mixing a lot of different ones. “The cluster style engagement ring can seem like it needs a lot of stones, but in reality, you can add just a few accent stones to achieve the same cluster look, while maintaining that classic feel.”

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