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30 Sunflower Engagement Rings That Beam With Beauty

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Courtesy of Armante / Design by Michela Buttignol

Sunflower engagement rings are inspired by their floral namesake, and they can be halo or double halo rings. They capture the cheery silhouette of the flower, yet the design may go in many creative directions. Sunflower engagement rings typically center around a round diamond, but they may sometimes center gemstones in other shapes. 

According to acclaimed jeweler Donna Distefano, “The center stone is not necessarily larger than the rest, although it can be. The gemstone settings can be layered in such a way that they read as three-dimensional flowers. A sunflower ring can also be a literal translation created by a metalsmith to replicate the shape of an actual sunflower fabricated in gold. Instead of a large center stone, the center is made of smaller stones like a sunflower’s seeds with petals made of gold.” 

Meet the Expert

Donna Distefano is an experienced jeweler and the founder of Donna Distefano Ltd., a bespoke jewelry brand that was founded with a simple message: love.

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Nikki Reed love the floral design, too. Perry has an eye-catching yellow gold floral halo ring, while Reed has an engagement ring resembling a flower. “A sunflower ring is a romantic nod to an old era, allowing for a big look in a delicate and charming way,” says Distefano, pointing out the Harry Winston sunflower ring design from the 50s as an example.

Sunflower engagement rings are timeless and have a pleasing design. Distefano also reveals that you can go large for a fraction of the cost, allowing budget-conscious couples to focus on high-quality gemstones. 

Is a sunflower engagement for you? See the 30 prettiest ring designs on the market, plus what to know while you shop.

Donna Distefano Diamond Betty Sunflower Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Donna Distefano

This elegant sunflower engagement ring is made of responsible sourced 18k gold and responsibly sourced white gold. The floral-inspired ring has a white diamond as its centerpiece.

Blue Nile Starburst Floral Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile

This is a perfect example of a classic sunflower engagement ring with more understated floral features. A brilliant round center stone is framed by a bursting halo and 14k white gold diamond band.

Camellia Yellow and White Gold Sunflower Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Camellia

This sunflower engagement ring provides bold contrasts just as a natural sunflower does. The yellow gold of the sunflower on the ring is beautifully set apart by the white gold and lab-grown diamonds on the engagement ring and accompanying wedding band. A beautiful lab-grown diamond is at the center of the sunflower.

Harry Winston Sunflower Large Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Harry Winston

As an innovator in sunflower engagement rings, Harry Winston’s engagement rings are breathtaking and elaborate. This platinum sunflower ring features a flower shape with 17 round brilliant diamonds and a center stone that is approximately 1.50 carats.

Donna Distefano Sunflower Giordana Ring

Courtesy of Donna Distefano

This gorgeous sunflower ring is created by classical goldsmithing, and it features a round brilliant-cut diamond center stone. You may also opt to have a ruby center stone instead. The centerpiece jewel is surrounded by 0.32 ct. tw. diamond accent stones and the ring is also available in white gold.

JTV Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Sunflower Ring

Courtesy of JTV

JTV’s eye-catching sunflower ring features yellow gold over sterling silver. The bright and sunny ring is a statement piece, and it measures approximately one full inch in width. 

Brilliant Earth Sunburst Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

This ring’s shimmering diamonds show how much pizazz a sunflower engagement ring can have. It has a center diamond and 12 smaller diamonds that surround it to form the sunflower shape. The diamonds are set in three-prong settings, and the ring has a tapering band.

Zales Diamond Sunflower Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Zales

The flower-shaped jewel design within this sunflower engagement ring is doubly cheerful. The gold is sculpted to look like a flower, and the diamonds maximize the sparkle.

Donna Distefano Ballerina Sunflower Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Donna Distefano

With gold and jewels that are responsibly sourced, Donna Distefano’s Ballerina ring is special. It features a center ruby that’s encircled by seven other rubies to help form the ring’s sunflower.

Brilliant Earth Twilight Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Diamonds are everywhere you look with this sunflower engagement ring. Not only is the band lined with diamonds more than halfway down each side, but they also frame the large centerpiece diamond in a lovely design. 

Denver Studio Sunflower Shaped Moissanite Ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This sweet and simple sunflower engagement ring is great for those who want elegance along with a ring that’s affordable for small budgets. It centers the round-cut moissanite stone that’s encircled with simulated diamond side stones to create a floral design.

Armante Sunflower Black Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring Set

Courtesy of Armante

This jaw-dropping sunflower engagement ring showcases a black diamond. The rose gold ring also features natural round white diamonds that are set in a floral pattern. White diamonds adorn the wedding band that comes as part of a perfectly matched set.

Brilliant Earth Lily Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

This dazzling engagement ring has a three-dimensional floral design that features a large round center diamond and many diamond accents that are placed in the shape of petals. The ring’s diamond accents extend all the way down the band. 

BEBEWO Yellow Gold Sunflower Orange Garnet Ring

Courtesy of Amazon

This sunflower engagement ring has a lot going on in a good way. The one-carat orange garnet is at the center of the ring. It has moissanite stones lining five of the golden sunflower petals to complete the sparkling look. 

Zales Diamond Sunburst Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Zales

This sparkling engagement ring centers a diamond that’s accentuated by a sunburst of smaller diamonds. The ring is made of white gold which pairs beautifully with its diamonds to create a certain level of sparkle.

Camellia 14k Gold Black Diamond Unique Sunflower Ring

Courtesy of Camellia

Now this is a sunflower ring! Intricate gold flower petal details surround a striking black diamond. The intertwining details of the band create the most romantic and ethereal look.

Angara Classic Double Floral Halo Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Angara

A prong-set round diamond is encompassed by an exquisite double halo. The simplicity of the white gold band is just the right contrast against the ornate details.

La Kaiser 14kt Gold Diamond Sunflower Ring

Courtesy of La Kaiser

Simple and sweet, this 14k gold band features a charming diamond in a bezel setting. The dainty diamond halo adds a feminine touch that makes it perfect for stacking or simply wearing solo.

Camellia Sunflower Ring 14K White and Yellow Gold Moissanite Ring

Courtesy of Camellia

Talk about a stunner! This 14k white and yellow moissanite engagement ring is for the bride who wants it all. Just because you may want sunflower details doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the jaw-dropping round solitaire we all dream of.

NovInternational 14k Citrine and Diamond Ring / 14k Solid Yellow Gold / November Birthstone / Minimalist Citrine Ring / Dainty Sunflower Ring / Wedding Ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This ring just feels like sunshine, and who wouldn’t want that? A round citrine gemstone is sitting pretty on a 14k gold band. This captivating stone may be giving diamonds a run for its money.

ArmanteDesign 14K Gold Sunflower Ring Set Citrine Gemstone And Diamond Floral Ring Set

Courtesy of Etsy

Here is another gorgeous sunflower engagement ring with a citrine center stone. The 14k yellow gold band beautifully complements the alternating diamond halo.

AmuletteBoutique Sunflower Ring, Sky Blue Topaz Ring, Flower Engagement Ring, Sunflower Jewellery, Sunflower Wedding

Courtesy of Etsy

Something about this piece feels incredibly special. Striking yet serene, the contrast between the sky blue topaz center stone against the gold band and petal detailing is utter perfection.

XiaoCuiJewelry Natural Smoky Quartz Ring Sunflower Round Cut Handmade Engagement Ring Sterling Silver November Birthstone

Courtesy of Etsy

How sweet is this?! Featuring the November month’s birthstone, this playful and eye-catching piece is customizable to cater to every bride’s needs and personal style.

Brilliant Earth Sol Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Here is another classically beautiful take on the sunflower engagement ring. A shimmering halo of diamonds surround a round solitaire diamond on an 18k yellow gold band.

Camellia Diamonds Flower Engagement Ring Two Tone Gold Sunflower Ring with Natural Diamonds

Courtesy of Etsy

Inspired by the raw beauty of nature, this sunflower engagement ring features delicately curved diamond petals. A black diamond center stone serves as the star of the show. It doesn’t get more unexpected than this.

Vanessa Mooney The Kelly Flower Ring

Courtesy of Vanessa Mooney

It’s safe to say that we love this. This captivating 24 gold-plated brass ring features a luminescent floral center. For the bride who isn’t afraid to make a statement, here is your match.

Jewlr Sunflowers Ring

Courtesy of Jewlr

Reminiscent of a two-stone engagement ring, this 10k solid yellow gold piece features two remarkable sunflowers. Featuring two cubic zurconia stones, there’s simply so much to love.

Jeulia Jeulia Leaf And Flower Design Round Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Courtesy of Jeulia

We love how elegant and ethereal this is. Unlike other sunflower engagement rings, the intricacy of the leaves take center stage. But, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t obsessed with the beautiful cluster of brilliant diamonds in the center either.

SegalJewelry Sunflower Unique Engagement Ring Sunflower Ring Rose Gold Flower Sunflower Flower Ring Unique Engagement Ring

Courtesy Etsy

Now this is striking. The sharp details of this diamond halo is just the right amount of edgy. Plus, the rose gold band exudes a gorgeous warm hint to allow the diamond center stone to truly shine.

Camellia Unique Engagement Ring Natural Diamond 14 Karat Gold Ring Sunflower Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Camellia

This beauty speaks for itself. 14k white and yellow gold details on a polished band create a stunning contrast. To top it all off, a dainty peach sapphire sits at the center of it all = perfection.

What to Look for When Buying a Sunflower Engagement Ring


Look for quality first. “Choose a jeweler known for their craftsmanship. If the ring is made with many prongs, you wouldn’t want them to become loose or catch on fabric,” explains Distefano. 


“Whether or not budget is an issue, now is your chance to choose fine quality gemstones because they are smaller. Rare rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds are lower in cost per carat when they are small. A ring with a total carat weight of one carat of the finest sapphires is a fraction of the cost of a ring with a single one-carat sapphire of the same quality.” 


“Invest in 18K gold or platinum as it brings more value to the jewel, especially if you wish to pass it to a new generation,” continues Distefano. “If sterling silver is in your budget, celebrate that precious metal but keep in mind that it tarnishes so don’t mix it with pearls. It’s OK to set diamonds, rubies, and sapphires into sterling silver.”


Distefano says, “If you are looking for a ring that you plan to wear each day and forever, choose the more durable gemstones. Rubies and sapphires are nine on the Mohs scale and diamonds are 10.”


  • While some say you are expected to spend three months of your salary on an engagement ring, this is just a myth; how much you spend depends on you and your fiancé-to-be’s financial situation and your ring design preferences. In 2020, the average couple spent $3,756 on an engagement ring.

  • Distefano cautions that sunflower engagement rings can be harder to clean because there are more gemstones. She says, “With so many settings, your hand cream or dust from daily activities can get trapped in more places. Dawn liquid dish soap and a soft toothbrush will keep them sparkling.”

  • Distefano says there is a simple reason that so many people adore sunflower engagement rings: “By nature, we are drawn to the inherent Fibonacci patterns of flowers. That’s what makes them so pleasing to the eye. It’s a joy to create patterns and colorways are powerful and unpretentious.”

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