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38 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

by Staff

Bario Neal Shield Band With Blue Enamel

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Who says you can’t add a splash of color to your wedding band? This unique patterned band brings blue glass enamel into the mix for a unique design.

What to Look for When Choosing a Unique Men’s Wedding Band


Gold is the strongest and most requested seller in men’s bands, according to Manning, with almost a 50/50 split between white and yellow gold.

“Platinum and 14k gold are our most popular choices, and you can get a unique ring by going classic with the metal but with more unique design elements, such as diamonds, gemstones, or textures,” says Rector.


“The first decision after metal is usually around width and fit, which is based on your preference and what feels comfortable to you,” says Rector. “If you have larger knuckles, look for ‘comfort fit’ rings, which are rounded on the inside. That helps them slip over your knuckles and forget you’re wearing a ring except for the weight.”


Speaking of the band width, there’s also consistent demand for thicker, flatter men’s bands when it comes to style. A thicker band may come at a higher price point (thanks to using more metal), so be sure it’s something that can be comfortably worn on a daily basis. “A unique wedding band should be chosen based not only on style but on fit. A daily band should be as comfortable as it is momentous,” says Manning.

Other unique style options include marrying two metals together, incorporating hammering or finishing textures, or including hidden stones or engravings. “Unusual bands come in a range of styles,” says Manning. “A band can be designed as differently as the wearer desires. There really are no rules except for designing with an eye to longevity.” 

Not sure where to start? Simply consider the basics of your personal style, and decide how you want your ring to stand out. “The first thing to consider with style is what element you want to use to differentiate your ring: color and metal, texture and design, or diamonds and gemstones,” Rector explains.


  • What is the average price of a men’s wedding band? “The average price men spent on wedding rings with us last year was around $600 but range from $195 to $7,000, so there is something for every budget,” assures Rector.
  • How can I make the wedding band more unique? “Ask for something custom! We love bringing what’s in your imagination to life,” says Rector. “Add an engraving” or “think of a memory with your partner and find a design element or stone to represent it,” Rector suggests.
  • Can I add diamonds or gemstones to my wedding band? “We see this as a growing trend but in more understated looks or even larger stones that are worthy of an engagement ring,” states Rector. “If you like the idea of stones but want to keep a more masculine look, try black rings with stones, black diamonds, or geometric, linear designs.”
  • What is the most unique type of metal? “Our most unique metals are referred to as ‘alternative metals’ since they are alternatives to traditional precious metals: tungsten, tantalum, and titanium. These metals come in shades of gray, stark black, and even colors like cobalt blue or espresso brown and are a great way to show your style. They’re also more budget-friendly than precious metals,” Rector states.
  • What is a big trend in men’s wedding bands right now? “Multi-tone metals are a major trend and a great way to add a twist to your style as well,” says Rector.

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