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7 Jewelers That Offer Virtual Engagement Ring Try On Experiences

by Staff

Whether you’re getting serious about shopping for engagement rings or just curious about which styles best suit you, the try-on session is key. After all, you’re going to be wearing it forever, so it better be something you love.

Trying on rings can be full of surprises and unexpected twists. Maybe you had your heart set on a marquise or classic solitaire in gold, but when it’s actually on your hand, you discover you’re more of a platinum emerald cut person. And maybe a thicker band is more flattering on your hand than you originally thought. It happens, and that’s why giving different styles and cuts a try is essential to landing on the right piece for you.

While visiting a jeweler is the go-to method for many couples looking for the perfect ring, it’s not always the most feasible choice which is why many jewelry companies have added a virtual try-on option to their websites. Just as you may have previously tried on a hair color via your computer, you can also see what that dream ring actually looks like on your hand, no trip to the mall or the jeweler necessary. The explosion of direct-to-consumer, online-only jewelers also makes virtual try-ons a must, considering you’ll probably want to “test out” such an important piece before it arrives on your doorstep.

If you’re ready to take the plunge or want to choose a few favorite styles to share with your prospective partner, these virtual engagement ring try-on tools make it easy to visualize your perfect ring before hitting the “buy” button.

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