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Do Couples Need to Wear Matching Wedding Bands?

by Staff

What’s one piece of jewelry that outwardly signifies a couple’s marital union? If your answer is “a wedding band”, then you’re correct! This simple accessory is a huge symbol of commitment and love once two people have officially said “I do.” However, if you’re curious about whether you and your partner need to sport matching wedding bands, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to Ann Grimmett, vice president of merchandising at Jared at Signet Jewelers, couples today are selecting rings that reflect their individual styles, rather than choosing pieces that match. She notes that “both men and women are opting for rings that complement their personal jewelry style with mixed stones and metals. Among most couples, wedding bands are becoming a reflection of their personal jewelry aesthetic.” Simply put, couples are not required to wear matching wedding bands, and can even use these rings as a form of self-expression given the various styles available today.

Ahead, Grimmett further explains the concept of matching wedding bands, while also providing a few expert tips on how to find pieces that work best for your union. Read on to learn more.

Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

As mentioned above, whether or not you choose to sport matching wedding bands is completely a personal choice. And as with all wedding traditions, it’s important for couples to follow their hearts when it comes to selecting the best type of ring, specifically as it relates to the overall style, metal hue, and other design elements.

“Personal style is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a new wedding band—as this symbol of a couple’s commitment to each other will ultimately become a part of their daily life,” shares Grimmett. “Specifically, our exclusive Chosen by Jared collection features bands for both men and women curated by our Jared Jewelry Consultants and tailored to each person’s design preferences that identify the overall cut, color, clarity, and carat of his or her choice.”

Nevertheless, you can certainly wear matching wedding bands if that’s a tradition you would like to embrace. There are plenty of people who treasure the idea of wearing the same ring as their partner in order to symbolize their unity.

Wedding Band Shopping Tips

Since every relationship is different, there’s no right or wrong way to select a wedding band. But even so, there are a few tips to keep in mind that’ll help you find the perfect piece when the time comes. To start, if you don’t want to match your bands but are looking for ways to still coordinate, Grimmett suggests including “a hidden customization aspect, such as a thoughtful engraving inside the rings,” that’ll pay homage to your relationship in a subtle way. 

For those who want to match their bands, though, be sure you and your partner are happy with the details you select, like the metal hue, width of the ring, design elements, and any diamond selections. After all, a wedding band is meant to be worn every day, so you want to ensure you’re both wearing something you absolutely love.

Lastly, and as a general rule of thumb, “Make sure to try on your ring in person and measure for the proper size to ensure comfort. We also suggest considering a loyalty program, such as [Jared’s] Vault Rewards, which provides unlimited professional cleaning and inspection services as well as other benefits,” notes Grimmett.

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