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Get the Look: Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Engagement Ring

by Staff

There are many engagement rings that will go down in history as one of “the greats”—those that are forever memorialized online and in our memories. And when it comes to the royals, as we’ve seen time and time again, no celebrity engagement ring can infiltrate their distinction of “most iconic”. Specifically, the engagement ring that Prince Philip once gave to Queen Elizabeth II is etched into history as a wedding staple.

Sourced from a tiara that once belonged to Prince Philip’s mother, Queen Elizabeth’s ring features a round 3-carat center stone flanked by clusters of smaller diamonds (10 total) and is set in platinum. According to Maxwell Stone, a diamond expert and the director of UK jewelry retailer Steven Stone, “The ring is set with eleven diamonds in total, including five smaller stones set on each shoulder. A design like this isn’t seen often, it’s very unique. The center stone is also quite modest in comparison to other royal engagement rings, which suggests it was designed with the intention to be worn every day.”

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Given its place in global history, there are many replicas out there for brides who’d like an engagement ring fit for royalty. So ahead, we’ve rounded up six options similar to the one the Queen wore. Keep reading to get the look. 

Courtesy of Bradford Exchange

Head over to Diamonesk for what we deem to be the closest replica of Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring. Specifically created to celebrate her legacy and life, the jeweler incorporated everything from the pavé diamonds to the shape and cut of the center stone.

queen elizabeth engagement ring replica

Courtesy of Steven Stone

In a similar fashion to the Queen’s actual ring, this Steven Stone design is set in platinum and features a setting of pavé diamonds on each side of the band. However, the jeweler adds a modern interpretation, opting for three large main stones instead of one.

queen elizabeth engagement ring replica

Courtesy of Grown Brilliance

We absolutely can’t get over this Grown Brilliance sparkler, which closely resembles the design of Queen Elizabeth’s ring. For those eyeing this lovely piece, you have the option to choose between 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum—allowing you to make it your own unique piece. What’s more, it’s a sustainable option you can feel good about wearing, as all the diamonds are lab-grown.

queen elizabeth engagement ring replica

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

Looking to create a modern iteration of a royal ring? Then opt for this Brilliant Earth piece which is entirely customizable. Choose between nine unique diamond shapes, four metal hues, three carat weight settings, and seven diamond carat options for a one-of-a-kind design.

queen elizabeth engagement ring replica

Courtesy of Vrai

For a modern and trendy version of the Queen’s ring, look no further than Vrai’s Three Stone Emerald engagement ring. The emerald-cut center stone is absolutely striking and is the perfect option for someone looking for a contemporary diamond shape. Vrai also allows customization, and you have the ability to change the cut and shape of the main and side stones, the metal color, and the band style.

Queen Elizabeth II Engagement Ring

Courtesy of True Diamonds

This True Diamond iteration is a lovely choice for a soon-to-be fiancé who’d prefer a slightly pared-back version of Queen Elizabeth’s sparkler. With the center stone weighing 2.33 carats, it’s an elegant piece that will surely be worn every day.

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