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Knife Edge Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

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There are so many different engagement ring options that, when looking for the right piece of jewelry, it can be hard to know where to start. A great rule of thumb is to think about the style that really works for you, and if you want a ring that is contemporary and sleek (without being too far from a classic) then a knife edge engagement ring could be a perfect choice. A beautiful and unique option that stands out but still manages to feel traditional, knife edge engagement rings are an excellent way to make a statement.

What Is a Knife Edge Engagement Ring?

As the name suggests, a knife edge ring features a sharp edge protruding out from the center of the band, creating an angled shape on each side.

The raised center of a knife edge band gives it a very distinct look that you won’t get with a wider band. This can make it appear more modern and fresh, although the style has been around for quite a long time. “Tiffany & Co. created the first knife edge engagement ring, and the design has been around since the late 1800s,” says Easter Ahn-Lee, founder of Easter Ahn Design.

Meet the Expert

Easter Ahn-Lee is a fine jewelry and engagement ring designer, and founder of the jewelry brand Easter Ahn Design. She became a graduate gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has been in the jewelry industry since 2007.

Interested in learning more? We’ve put together some pros and cons of knife edge engagement rings, along with everything you need to know about this gorgeous style before purchasing one.

Pros and Cons of Knife Edge Engagement Rings

One of the advantages of a knife edge engagement ring is that they’re extremely versatile. They look both contemporary and classic, and work with basically any kind of center stone and other embellishments. Additionally, this style of band helps enhance any center stone. “A knife edge engagement ring creates an illusion to make the band appear thinner and for the center stone to look bigger,” Ahn-Lee says. “It makes the ring look more unique, yet still classic.”

Ahn-Lee also notes that because this style of ring is thinner than other bands, it’s great for stacking. This makes it a pretty great choice for pairing with wedding bands and any other non-wedding rings.

Luckily, there aren’t too many negatives when it comes to knife edge engagement rings. “With the sharper edge in the middle of the band, it may not feel as comfortable for those who are not used to wearing rings,” shares Ahn-Lee regarding one con to consider.

What to Look for in a Knife Edge Engagement Ring

Thinking about buying a knife edge engagement ring? Here’s everything you should know.

  • What stone cut works best with knife edge engagement rings? One of the best things about these rings is how versatile they are. “They can pair well with all stone shapes and cuts, and are usually best set in a 4 or 6 prong setting,” Ahn-Lee advises.
  • What metals pair best with knife edge engagement rings? Ahn-Lee suggests platinum and gold since these metals are so durable and strong.
  • How much do knife edge engagement rings cost? You’ll find that knife edge rings are similar in cost to other solitaire styles. Ahn-Lee notes that the price depends on the thickness of the band, the stone setting, and how much metal is being used.
  • Are knife edge engagement rings high maintenance? “Knife edge rings are pretty low maintenance as long as there aren’t any pavé set stones on them,” Ahn-Lee shares. They have great wearability and you can feel comfortable having them on all day long.

How to Care for a Knife Edge Engagement Ring

Knife edge rings require the same care as most other engagement rings. “You can reduce the risk of damage by avoiding impact on hard surfaces, gripping items with force, or applying strong pressure to the jewelry or to your hands when jewelry is worn,” Ahn-Lee says. Use a little warm water and dish soap to clean them, or bring your ring to your local jeweler to get it cleaned professionally.

Check out some of the beautiful knife edge engagement rings you can purchase now, from bold and modern pieces to delicate classic designs.

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