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Moss Agate Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

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A gorgeous pop of color and a one-of-a-kind engagement ring style, it’s no surprise why gemstones have become more and more popular amongst many brides-to-be. Moss agate is no exception, as its green inclusions, which range from light to dark green, offer an eye-catching style that will pair beautifully with a variety of metals, cuts, and settings. While most engagement rings may stray from the tradition of diamonds, this gemstone is a statement choice that is thought to have many spiritual and natural properties. 

What Is a Moss Agate Engagement Ring?

Moss agate is a semi-precious gemstone that is a type of chalcedony quartz. It typically has a milky white or clear base with green dendritic inclusions (created by the oxidation of minerals) which give the stone its unique tendril patterns.

“Many consumers these days are drawn to alternative gemstones for their engagement rings for a variety of reasons, but most often I find that they are seeking a reflection of who they are as people and what values they hold,” says Megan Bea, founder of The Bea Line. “The inclusions in moss agate are reminiscent of forest floors and seaweed on the waves, making it a beautiful choice for nature-loving and outdoorsy couples.”

Meet the Expert

Megan Bea is a jewelry designer and owner of the jewelry brand The Bea Line. She received a degree in jewelry design from FIDM and creates pieces that include unusual gemstones. 

Interested in learning more? Discover the history of moss agate, what makes it a great choice for an engagement ring, and where you can purchase this unique style. 

History of Moss Agate

Moss agate is also known as the mocha stone—an alternative name that was derived from the Arabian city of Mocha in Yemen, which was an ancient source of gemstones. 

As far back as 18th century Europe, moss agate was known as a stone of good luck or fortune. People would often place it around the house and in other areas to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Farmers at this time also used moss agate as a talisman, believing that the green inclusions of the stone would help their crops thrive.

What’s more, moss agate has been thought to have many spiritual properties as well. When used as an amulet, moss agate is believed to encourage tranquility and emotional balance. This stone is also presumed to clear blockages and balance the heart chakra so love and abundance can flourish. While this stone has been traditionally used as a lucky talisman, its ties to the heart chakra make it very fitting for an engagement ring that symbolizes the start of a lifelong partnership.

Pros and Cons of Moss Agate Engagement Rings

Moss agate is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and one-of-a-kind engagement ring. “When you choose a moss agate engagement ring, you are choosing a ring that is as unique as yourself,” says Bea. “No two stones will ever be quite the same, and I think that’s a beautiful metaphor for your unique union with your partner.”

Bea also notes that this engagement ring style is less costly than a diamond option, which can be an added draw for couples who plan to save for a wedding or a home. However, affordability varies based on the design you choose. “Pricing will vary widely, and the cost will be mostly dependent upon the other features of the ring like the type of metal used and any other accompanying gemstones used in the design,” explains the jewelry designer. 

While there are not many cons when it comes to moss agate engagement rings, Bea notes that you should be aware of the durability of this gemstone. “Moss agate is a bit softer than a diamond, meaning more care should be taken when wearing the ring.”

What to Look for in a Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Considering moss agate for your engagement ring? Here’s everything you need to know. 

  • What metals and cuts pair well with moss agate? “While moss agate looks beautiful set in any metal tone, I personally love to pair moss agate with rose gold,” advises Bea. “The green and red tones are complementary to one another, and everything just pops a little bit more.” When it comes to the cut, there are almost no limitations because of the versatility of the stone. “Moss agate can be cut into an incredible variety of shapes. The ‘best’ cut is the one that you like,” she adds.
  • What kind of wedding band would pair well with a moss agate ring? “A wedding band with gemstones that will complement the green tones of moss agate would be ideal,” shares Bea. “I’d suggest a wedding band with gemstones like alexandrite, emeralds, or green tourmaline. If you want to create a set that [incorporates more fine jewelry], you can’t go wrong with diamonds.”
  • Where should I look for a moss agate ring? Because moss agate is such a unique gemstone, you typically won’t find them in a chain jewelry store. Bea recommends turning to the internet to search Instagram hashtags and online marketplaces like Etsy, in order to find a ring that resonates with you. 
  • Are there any stones that give a similar look to moss agate? “One of the most alluring features of moss agate is the individuality of each stone,” says Bea. “Some similar gemstones that also have intriguing patterns and color play to them include strawberry quartz, rutilated quartz, and dendritic agate.”

How to Care for a Moss Agate Engagement Ring

Since moss agate is considered a softer gemstone, Bea recommends treating your ring with more care than you would a diamond ring. “I would recommend removing the ring whenever there is a risk of impact to the stone,” shares Bea. “For example, when using gym equipment, doing household chores, gardening, etc.” 

Moss agate should also be cleaned using a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and a few drops of natural soap. “Gently clean around the stones and the setting, and then rinse clean and polish with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth,” Bea recommends. “Avoid any cleaners that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol.”

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