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Puzzle Rings: The Complete Guide

by Staff

Once your dream engagement ring is on your finger and the wedding planning has begun, it’s now time to think about wedding bands. The wedding band is a symbol of a union, and though it’s not always talked about, this specific accessory has a lot of meaning. Whether you want a gender-inclusive band to match your spouse’s or just something more unique and special, a puzzle ring is a great option.

What Is a Puzzle Ring?

There are a few different types of puzzle rings available, but traditional ones are made up of four, six, or even up to 12 interconnected bands. The bands are woven together to create one large ring, resulting in a unique design that will definitely stand out. What’s more, some puzzle rings can fall apart and be put back together, just like a real puzzle.

There are no rules to wedding rings, which means that a puzzle ring can be purchased and worn as an engagement ring. However, most couples choose to use them as wedding bands because of their inner meaning. “Puzzle rings are visually interesting and, of course, invoke the sentimentality of merging two lives into one together,” says jeweler Jillian Sassone of Marrow Fine.

Meet the Expert

Jillian Sassone is the founder and creative director of Marrow Fine Jewelry, a company that reimagines fine jewelry with distinct designs and handpicked materials.

If you’re interested in ditching the traditional wedding band and trying something new, puzzle rings are worth looking into. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this interesting and unique accessory.

The History of Puzzle Rings

Puzzle rings have a long history full of myths and legends. Some theorize that Egyptians first created these pieces, while others say they originated thousands of years ago. Most believe, though, that the puzzle ring was invented from the 16th-century European Gimmel ring, which features two or three hoops that fit together to make one. These were used as betrothal rings, much in the same way puzzle rings are used as wedding bands today.

Another piece of history is that these rings are sometimes also known as “Turkish wedding rings” or “harem rings”, stemming from a myth about a wealthy Turkish nobleman. Legend has it that this nobleman created the first puzzle ring to gift to his beloved wife, but made sure it was designed to unravel if it was removed from her finger. This meant that if she had an affair—since she would have to remove the ring before meeting with her lovers—the ring would be destroyed and he would immediately know.

It’s hard to say where exactly puzzle rings come from, but the different stories behind them definitely contribute to what makes them interesting.

The Pros and Cons of Puzzle Rings

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a puzzle ring as a wedding band is that they’re generally less expensive, making them a great option for couples on a budget. This is because they typically don’t include gemstones, which makes them more affordable. So, of you want something unique that won’t break the bank, puzzle rings are worth considering.

Another pro? Since puzzle rings are made of separate rings that interlock to create one, they symbolize two people becoming a unit, which is a sweet sentiment to have behind your wedding band. Plus, the ones that can be taken apart and put back together are great for those moments when you’re feeling fidgety.

On the other end, a puzzle ring may not be a great fit if you’re looking for a slim band. Because they’re made up of several different hoops, puzzle rings tend to be more on the bulky side. It can also be difficult to find a puzzle ring that fits perfectly with a traditional engagement ring; and while there are options that can be made into a wedding stack, in most cases, they may be easier worn on their own.

What to Look for in a Puzzle Ring

When shopping for a puzzle ring as your wedding band, look for something that fits your style and works well with your engagement ring, if necessary. You should also find a piece that works with your overall style if you’ll likely be wearing it every day.

  • How can you match a puzzle ring with an engagement ring? Unless your engagement ring and your puzzle ring are a set, you might have trouble matching them. “Consider how low profile the puzzle band would need to be to sit flush with your engagement ring, and make sure you take that into consideration when trying them on or buying them online,” Sassone suggests. “However, if you don’t mind a gap in your wedding set, then the sky’s the limit with your puzzle band options!”
  • How much do puzzle rings usually cost? It really depends on where you buy your ring, what it’s made of, and how it was designed. The cost can vary from under $100 to a few hundred or more. In general, though, they tend to be a less expensive option than a typical wedding band with gemstones.
  • Are there different types of puzzle rings? Traditional puzzle rings are interlocking hoops that come together to form one larger ring. Some modern versions of this style are similar to stacking rings that fit together nicely.

How to Care for a Puzzle Ring

Be sure to find options that are made of durable material, so you don’t have to consistently worry about wear and tear over time. Regardless, you can take care of your puzzle ring the way you would any other piece of fine jewelry. “Make sure you don’t wear it during strenuous activities or activities involving chemicals, including cleaning, swimming in chlorine pools, or during workouts,” Sassone says. “Add it to your jewelry insurance to protect yourself against loss or theft.”

If you think a puzzle ring is what you want, take a look at the below options to find a style that suits you best.

Courtesy of Etsy

This classic puzzle ring features a minimalist design that is made up of three different bands, interlocked to create a design in the center. It’s delicate and slim, which means it would be a great fit with engagement rings.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Tiffany and Co.

Crafted from five different interlocking bands, this is more of a contemporary take on a puzzler ring. The shape gently shifts as your fingers move, making it a fluid ring that is so interesting to look at.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Marrow Fine

This is a different take on the puzzle ring trend. Instead of interlocking bands, this one is made up of three rings that stack together in a puzzle-like way. It’s more modern and has an elegant feel to it, and could definitely live as a standalone piece.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Walmart

This budget-friendly option costs less than $50 and is just as nice as the other styles out there. Made of different ring hoops, you can disassemble this one and put it back together—it just might be challenging.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Puzzle Ring

Four bands come together to create this unique version of a puzzle ring. Made of solid 14k gold, this is a great option for the price. It’s also another option that has the ability to come apart and then be put back together.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Etsy

Another variation, this one is a modern and trendy style. It’s a good choice for someone who wants gemstones in their band as it includes some pavé diamonds. This two-piece set can merge together or come apart.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Twist

If you don’t mind a wide wedding band, this puzzle ring is definitely one to look at. It actually looks like two puzzle pieces being put together, and the small diamond in the middle is a nice accent.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Etsy

Another option that looks like literal puzzle pieces, this one is a fun and unique style. The two separate pieces secure together on the finger, making for a perfect accessory to complete your love story.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Olivela

Opt for a different shape entirely with this square puzzle ring set that is sure to get people talking. It creates an interesting stacked look and each ring is a different metal: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Etsy

Another slim option is this sterling silver puzzle ring, which is also a budget-friendly choice. The two bands click together perfectly, but they come apart if you want to play around with it as well.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This solid style comes in silver, gold, or a silver/gold combination. The matte effect is definitely different, and the solid ring is a unique take on the classic puzzle ring.

puzzle ring

Courtesy of Olivela

An elevated take on the previous square puzzle ring, this one comes in 14k gold, and one ring is made with pavé diamonds for some added sparkle.

puzzle ring with diamonds

Courtesy of PuzzleRings

Another sparkling option is this puzzle ring with four interlocking bands and tiny diamonds throughout. This is a classic pick that feels a little fancier due to the gemstones.

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