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Queen Camilla Will Receive a New Ring for King Charles III’s Coronation

by Staff

The royal family is in full preparation mode for King Charles III’s coronation, which takes place this weekend on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Not only will Charles be adorned with regalia when he’s crowned the sovereign of England, but Queen Camilla will also sport a set of jewels during the ceremony. One of the most noteworthy pieces she’ll receive on the big day is a glittery ring. While she stands by Charles’ side at the service, the future queen of Britain will acquire a sparkler that symbolizes the promise she’ll make to God and the country. The Royal Collection Trust describes the ring as a gold band set with 14 rubies and an octagonal-cut center ruby, surrounded by 14 cushion-shaped brilliant diamonds. According to Town & Country, the jewelry item dates back to 1831, when it was first made for the coronation of King William and Queen Adelaide. Sine then, three other queen consorts have worn the jewel, including Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth’s mother, Elizabeth, the publication reports. 

In addition to her new bling, Camilla will carry a scepter, composed of an ivory rod with gold bands featuring the national emblems (rose, thistle, harp, and fleur-de-lis) and topped with a cross and a dove with folded wings, the Royal Collection Trust says. The item was first created in 1685 for Mary of Modena, the wife of King James II, who was the first queen consort to be crowned in a coronation since the monarch was restored after its abolition in 1649, Newsweek reports. Since then, the item has been involved in coronations for every queen consort. According to the Royal Collection Trust, the rod signifies “equity and mercy,” while the dove represents the “Holy Ghost.”

At the time the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby crowns Camilla, she’ll be given two scepters to hold. The second was also made for Queen Mary of Modena in 1685 and has been used by every queen consort after Mary, Newsweek notes. The Royal Collection Trust says the scepter includes a gold rod made in three sections and decorated with rose-cut stones and features an orb and cross on top of the design.

Perhaps one of the most important accessories Camilla will receive during the coronation is her crown. Buckingham Palace announced in February 2023 that the queen chose to be crowned with Queen Mary’s Crown, a headpiece encrusted with 2,200 diamonds. The sparkly accessory was first commissioned by Garrad & Co. for Queen Mary when she took part in the coronation of her husband, King George V, in 1911. According to the palace, a queen consort hasn’t been crowned with an existing headpiece in around 300 years. Queen Caroline, consort of George II, was the last queen consort to reuse a tiara for a coronation, which took place in the 18th century. The palace has decided to repurpose a tiara for Camilla due to “sustainability and efficiency” reasons.

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For this coronation, the headpiece will be revamped to include a special tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The palace says that the accessory will be reset with Cullinan III, IV, and V diamonds, which the late monarch owned and wore as brooches. To further modernize the tiara, four of the eight arches will be removed. 

Although the original crown that Queen Mary wore in 1911 contained the Koh-i-Nûr diamond, it was removed and placed in a crown made from platinum and diamonds that the last queen consort, the Queen Mother, donned. Since the gemstone originated from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, it represents a controversial past. Part of the reason why Camilla selected Queen Mary’s Crown was to avoid any push back from wearing the contested diamond.

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