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The 18 Best Wedding Ring Boxes for Every Style and Theme

by Staff

When it comes to proposals and weddings, we are often hyper-focused on the ring. After all, how could we not be? But, whether it’s holding an engagement ring or wedding band, the ring box is also an important part of the tradition of getting down on one knee or walking down the aisle—one that could make the experience all the more special. 

“Using ring boxes is a great detail to include because you could intertwine your love story into the design of the box,” explains Maie Amer-Guerrera, vice president of visual and store experience at Signet Jewelers. “It’s something you’ll have forever and will be passed down for generations.”. 

Whether you’re searching for a ring box worthy of an “I do” or a safe home for your wedding bands’ descent down the aisle, there are tons of unique ring boxes available for some of the biggest moments of your love story.

Read on for the best wedding ring boxes.


Price at time of publish: $14

For our best overall selection, we searched for something that felt classic with a unique spin. Our top pick? This velvet hexagon ring box, which has nearly 5 stars from over 1,500 Amazon customers. The box is the perfect fit for two rings and is available in 15 hues so you can find something that fits within your wedding colors.

iSuperb Set of 2 Classic Velvet Couples Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $9

If you don’t love the box your ring came in and want something sleek and affordable, this set of two black velvet ring boxes is a great choice—and more than 2,700 Amazon customers agree. Each box holds one ring, making it a classic choice for proposals, wedding ceremonies, or even just safekeeping.

Price at time of publish: $85

Velvet adds a nice touch to any wedding ring box (which is why so many come in the plush fabric). Our favorite is this gorgeous velvet ring box from The Mrs, Box, which is available in a classic single, classic double, a bevel single, or a bevel double, so you can select which model best fits your needs.

Sugar Creek Lane Engagement Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $35

Wooden ring boxes make for a sweet and sentimental detail on your engagement or wedding day. This one is heart-shaped and comes with the option to choose from six designs—including two that read: “Will you marry me?”—plus other personalization options, like front and back engraving.

J. Devlin Glass Ring Box

J. Devlin

Price at time of publish: $19

If you love vintage, this stunning glass and metal ring box is a fab choice for your big day. The petite glass box is designed with an embossed vintage texture and metal edge detailing. This one is sure to become a family heirloom.

Liron Trésor 3 Slot Octagon Velvet Ring Box

Liron Tresor

Price at time of publish: $30

If you’re looking for a box to store your ring stack post-nuptials, consider this luxe option. It features three ring slots—perfect for either a stack of rings or showcasing your engagement and wedding bands in photographs— made of plush velvet material. Plus, its available in more than 10 colors, and has the option to add a yellow gold, rose gold, or silver monogram.

Partydeco Indonesia Terrarium Personalized Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $69

Looking for something unique to propose with? Ask for their hand in marriage with this dazzling terrarium-inspired ring box. This box is handmade to order and includes dried floral decor along with a plush ring cushion in the center. It can also be completely customized with your names on top.

MUUJEE Clear Hexagon Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $37

Acrylic ring boxes are a fun way to tie your wedding décor details into your ceremony. This one is completely see-through and comes with the option to add personalized touches, such as your names, last name, and the date of your wedding.

MUUJEE Rose Gold Hexagon Glass Ring Box with Moss


Price at time of publish: $34

For the couple who loves an antique earthy vibe, this glass and metal ring box is where it’s at. Featuring a custom monogram on top with a beautiful bed of green moss inside, the ring is perfect for anyone who loves to vintage shop or spend time in nature (or both!).

Vitamin Love Velvet Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $17

Adding a simple monogram to a ring box is an easy way to crank up the sentiment during your proposal or on your big day. This wedding ring box is available in two shapes (octagon and square), eight velvet colors, and the option to monogram a single letter or to go full-on custom with gold or silver foiling.

Christine Ann Created Cowboy Hat Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $17

Whether you’re having a Western wedding or want to bring a little humor to your ceremony, this cowboy hat ring box is a great theme tie-in. The cowboy hat-shaped box is flocked with a patterned band ring around the outside for added authenticity.

Selenichast Christmas Tree Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $33

Whether you’re proposing or saying “I do” during the Christmas season, you can add a nod to the holiday with a Christmas tree-shaped wedding ring box. This velvet box features one slit that is big enough for two rings and features a loop on top so you can hang it on the Christmas tree as a disguised ornament.

Cypress Home Mr. and Mrs. Wooden Ring Holder


Price at time of publish: $15

If you’re having a rustic wedding and looking for a two-in-one ring box for the walk down the aisle, this Mr. and Mrs. wooden ring box is a fantastic choice. The decorative keepsake features two spots for rings and makes for a cool pop of detail in wedding photos.

Noble Rose Flower Blossom Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $17

Most engagements are a surprise–but if you want to really shock your future spouse, give them a bouquet of red roses with this fake flower ring box in the center. The unique gift box adds a fun touch to your proposal story and makes for a beautiful keepsake after.

Custom Happiness Shop Engagement Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $13

What’s more sentimental than something custom-made for your proposal or wedding day? This custom ring box from Etsy has nine design options to choose from. You can also include your names, last name, initial, wedding date, and more.

Beloved Fine Jewels Velvet Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $20

If you want a ring box that feels traditional and elegant, but still has a modern spin, an oval-shaped ring box is a nice touch. Since ring boxes are typically square, circular, or hexagon-shaped, an oval ring box is a simple way to add a unique touch to your proposal or nuptials.

The Antique Appeal Velvet Heart Ring Box


Price at time of publish: $15

Heart-shaped ring boxes are another way to add a dash of personality to your special day. And, while some can be a tad gimmicky, this one is actually ultra-chic, as it’s inspired by the popular velvet ring boxes. These heart-shaped ring boxes are available in eight colors with the option to choose either a single or double ring slot, depending on the use.

The Flower Patch Ring Bearer Box Wood Slice


Price at time of publish: $35

If you’re celebrating your nuptials with a rustic twist or in a country setting, this is a fun way to tie your theme into the ceremony. The wood slice looks like a mini tree stump with embedded spots for both wedding bands, along with the option to customize it with the date and your initials.

What to Look For In Wedding Ring Boxes

Wedding Theme

“The theme of your wedding could play a role in your wedding ring box,” says Amer-Guerrera. “Any sentimental additions, like engravings or personalization, would also add to the significance and potentially turn into an heirloom,” she adds.

The Ring Bearer

“It’s also important to consider who will be carrying the box—is it someone with tiny hands taking on the responsibility? If so, size might be a factor,” says Amer-Guerrera, who adds  that if the couple wishes to have their family pet carry the ring down the aisle, “a box with a clasp might be best.”


  • “Absolutely,” says Amer-Guerrera. She explains that the ring box is an opportunity to add to the overall “experience and sentiment of the proposal and ring.”

  • The short answer is definitely, yes. “If you need to store your engagement ring for any reason, your ring box would be the best and safest place to store it,” says Amer-Guerrera.

Why Trust Brides

Contributing writer, Jessie Quinn is a bridal-obsessed lifestyle journalist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Journalism. At Brides, she covers everything from what jewelry to wear on your wedding day to the best invitation options. Jessie considers gift-giving her love language and finds great joy in finding the perfect gift for her loved ones—she also loves a theme. When selecting the best wedding ring boxes, Jessie researched boxes that not only served a purpose (keeping your ring safe) but also have a touch of personalization, sentiment, and style.

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