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The Dos and Don’ts of Building the Ultimate Wedding Band Stack

by Staff

For today’s couples, wedding ring lineups are not limited to sparkly engagement rings and coordinating bands. Instead, more couples are including additional rings into the mix and creating wedding band stacks. 

We know that bling can sometimes feel intimidating—after all, wearing a diamond engagement ring takes some getting used to— but building a wedding ring stack is easier than it looks thanks to Brilliant Earth. For starters, the jeweler offers a wide selection of rings and diamonds in different styles, cuts, carats, and hues. And as a global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry, Brilliant Earth sells Beyond Conflict-Free™ diamonds so you can build a more sustainable stack.

Ahead, five tips you need to know before designing your bridal ring stack along with some inspiration from Brilliant Earth.

Choose a Statement Band

While an engagement ring typically takes center stage on your ring finger, who’s to say that you can’t add another statement band? Start with a bold band like Brilliant Earth’s Lina, which features dazzling baguette diamonds vertically-set in a scalloped pavé. Then, to achieve the perfect stacked look without overpowering your finger, offset the thicker band with a thinner ring such as Aimee.

Play With Shapes

If your engagement ring features an oval, marquise, or even pear-shaped stone, opt for a few arched bands to highlight the curvature of the gem. Brilliant Earth designed the Arch Diamond Stack to nest beautifully under another curved band or oblong stone. When part of a larger ring stack, the round pavé diamonds frame a statement stone, not only enhancing its beauty but adding more sparkle too.

Accent With Thin Bands

Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, including a few thin bands in your ring stack is always a must. Why? Because they help you achieve a full stack without taking the attention off of your existing engagement ring or wedding band. Layer in a few bands of various metals like rose, yellow, or white gold (yes, you can mix metals in your stack if you want to!) or pick a band with prong-set diamonds and you’ll have an envy-inducing stack in an instant.

Mix Diamond Bands With Matching Metals

A diamond eternity band is a great way to break up a few plain bands in your stack, especially if you are using the same metal throughout. We love how the round diamonds on the Riviera Eternity Ring appear to float along the band, which is available in four metals. Add in a classic metal band like the Petite Comfort Fit Wedding Ring to achieve a harmonious look.

Go Bold on Bling

If sparkle is what you are after, then load up on diamond bands! Start with a unique ring like Brilliant Earth’s Versailles, which boasts alternating round and marquise stones. (For added color, choose sapphires over diamonds.). Then, add a hint of classic with the petite scalloped pavé diamond Luxe Ballad band. Round off the stack with a ring that flushes against your existing pieces, like the Sia Diamond Open Ring shown above.

Ready to design the stack of your dreams? Use Brilliant Earth’s ring stack tool to mix and match bands and discover the best combination for your personal style.

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